Today in Pictures: Fighting Against Honor Marriages and More

Los Angeles responds to terror threat, a recount underway in Michigan, oil pipelines inspected in Germany and more.

Displaced Iraqis, who fled the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul, wait to fill up on fuel used for cooking and lighting, at Khazer camp, Iraq, December 6, 2016.


A woman's belongings are searched as Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies stand guard over rail passengers at the Universal City Red Line Metro train station.



The increase in security is in response to Federal and city officials who say they were alerted by authorities in another country that an imminent and very specific threat has been made against the city's Red Line commuter rail system. The credibility has not yet been verified.

David McNew / Getty Images

Activists from the Lebanese NGO Abaad (Dimensions), a resource center for gender equality, dressed as brides wearing injury patches during their protest in downtown Beirut against article 522 in the Lebanese penal code.



The article shields rapists from prosecution on the condition that they marry their victim, a phenomenon that is still practiced in the country, especially among conservative families whose chief aim is to preserve the family's so-called "honor."

PATRICK BAZ / AFP - Getty Images
An archaeologist looks at skulls and other partial skeleton remains from an ancient burial area that was excavated at a building site in Bordeaux, France. REGIS DUVIGNAU / Reuters
Recount workers Sheryl Abrams and Diane Russell begin the recount of Wayne County ballots during the statewide presidential election recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The presidential recount in Michigan expanded to its largest county, which includes Detroit, and five other counties. Tanya Moutzalias / AP

A worker inspects stacks of pipes weighing several tons each which will be used for the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Sassnitz-Mukran harbor in northeastern Germany.



The first sections of the 1,200 kilometer pipeline were delivered in late October 2016. Around 2,000 of a total 90,000 steal pipe components are currently being stored on the island of Ruegen. According to the Gazprom subsidiary Nord Stream 2 AG, the assembly works will begin in mid-2017. So far the politically controversial pipeline, which will have a total capacity of some 55 billion cubic meters, has not received building permission.


People watch the start of the International Criminal Court trial of former child soldier-turned-warlord Dominic Ongwen in Lukodi, Uganda. Ongwen pleaded not guilty to crimes committed by the LRA rebel group in northern Uganda during a reign of terror spanning three decades.


The first former child soldier to be tried at the ICC, Ongwen, 41, earlier denied 70 war crimes and crimes against humanity charges as he also became the first former child soldier to be tried by the ICC for his role in the notorious rebel group led by the elusive Joseph Kony.

A school pupil kicks a ball during a sports lesson at a school in Mogadishu. MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB / AFP - Getty Images
Australia's paceman Pat Cummins fields at the boundary line as the sun sets during the second game of the One Day International Cricket series between Australia and New Zealand in Canberra. SAEED KHAN / AFP - Getty Images

A photographer looks at the night sky to see the annual Geminid meteor shower near Provenzales' rock, in Maira Valley, northern Italy.