Image: Stock-taking at zoo of Duisburg


Animal Tracks: Jan. 8 - 15

From a confident koala to a race between a tortoise and hare, check out this week's round-up of the cutest animals around the globe.

Image: Two men walk past cows in Minkaman, in Awerial county, Lakes state, in South Sudan

On the mooooove

Two men walk past cows in Minkaman, South Sudan on Jan. 13.

Andreea Campeanu / X03314
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Image: A visitor feeds a giant panda with a snowball at a zoo in Kunming

A frosty treat

A visitor feeds a snowball to a giant panda at a zoo in Kunming, China on Jan. 13.

Wong Campion / X02200
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Taking the scenic route

An ostrich strays into the empty streets of Bentiu, South Sudan on Jan. 12.

Simon Maina / AFP
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Nothing to see here

A squirrel holding a nut sits on a branch in Sottrum, Germany on Jan. 12.

Ingo Wagner / DPA
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Who will win?

A pet rabbit and a tortoise race in a competition in Sanmenxia in China's Henan province on Jan. 12. Cats and dogs faced off against a menagerie including a rooster and a yellow duck in a race to the finish line on snowy slopes.

Str / AFP
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Grrrrrreat playing with you

An Indian worker holds two lion cubs at Patna Zoo in India on Jan. 10.

Aftab Alam Siddiqui / AP
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Image: Stock-taking at zoo of Duisburg

Does this branch make me look fat?

A koala named Vobara sits on a scale at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany during the zoo's annual inventory on Jan. 10.

Jan-philipp Strobel / DPA
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Hello there!

A tree kingfisher perches on a branch in Tel Aviv, Israel on Jan. 10.

Jack Guez / AFP
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Seeing spots

Chimmi the Dalmatian looks at his own reflection before a pedigree dog exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. More than 3,500 dogs competed during the show on Jan. 11 and 12.

Daniel Karmann / DPA
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Lost in thought

A Barbary macaque sits on a wooden railing on Jan. 8 at the Affenberg animal park in Salem, Germany.

Felix Kaestle / DPA
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Image: A bear eats frozen fruits to cool off  in Rio de Janeiro's zoo

Beating the Brazilian heat

A bear eats frozen fruits to cool off in Rio de Janeiro's Zoo on Jan. 8.

Stringer/brazil / X01489
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Image: Spring flowers attract bees

Collector of nectar

A bee sits on a flower in the Palm Garden in Frankfurt, Germany on Jan. 8.

Arne Dedert / DPA
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