Biggest Loser’$2 13 before and after

See the amazing transformations of the contestants on the hit reality show. (SPOILER ALERT! Results are revealed with photos.)

Jeremy Britt
Starting weight: 389 lbs.
Finale weight: 190 lbs.
Lost: 199 lbs.; 51.16% of body weight

The season 13 champ of "Biggest Loser" and the winner of the $250,000 prize is the 22-year-old baker from Michigan.

Kim Nielsen
Starting weight: 252 lbs.
Finale weight: 134 lbs.
Lost: 118 lbs.; 46.83% of body weight

The 38-year-old former pro wrestler took second place.

Conda Britt
Starting weight: 294 lbs.
Finale weight: 179 lbs.
Lost: 115 lbs.; 39.12% of body weight

Winner Jeremy's older sister, Conda, took third place.

Mike Messina
Starting weight: 358 lbs.
Finale weight: 198 lbs.
Lost: 160 lbs.; 44.69% of body weight

The cook from Oakland, Calif., almost won his way back into the finale, but fell just shy. But he did take home the title of at-home winner and the $100,000 prize.

Emily Joy
Starting weight: 264 lbs.
Finale weight: 162 lbs.
Lost: 102 lbs.; 38.64% of body weight

Cassandra Sturos
Starting weight: 239 lbs.
Finale weight: 147 lbs.
Lost: 92 lbs.; 38.49% of body weight

Lauren Lee
Starting weight: 246 lbs.
Finale weight: 157 lbs.
Lost: 89 lbs.; 36.18% of body weight

Ben Shuh
Starting weight: 396 lbs.
Finale weight: 257 lbs.
Lost: 139 lbs.; 35.10% of body weight


Daphne Dortch
Starting weight: 271 lbs.
Finale weight: 183 lbs.
Lost: 88 lbs.; 32.47% of body weight

Kim Stone
Starting weight: 219 lbs.
Finale weight: 148 lbs.
Lost: 71 lbs.; 32.42% of body weight

Christine Pickler
Starting weight: 240 lbs.
Finale weight: 163 lbs.
Lost: 77 lbs.; 32.08% of body weight

Megan Stone
Starting weight: 259 lbs.
Finale weight: 183 lbs.
Lost: 76 lbs.; 29.34% of body weight

Adrian Dortch
Starting weight: 370 lbs.
Finale weight: 262 lbs.
Lost: 108 lbs.; 29.19% of body weight

Roy Pickler
Starting weight: 306 lbs.
Finale weight: 218 lbs.
Lost: 88 lbs.; 28.76% of body weight

Chism Cornelison
Starting weight: 361 lbs.
Finale weight: 258 lbs.
Lost: 103 lbs.; 28.53% of body weight

Gail Lee
Starting weight: 322 lbs.
Finale weight: 235 lbs.
Lost: 87 lbs.; 27.02% of body weight

Nancy Rajala
Starting weight: 217 lbs.
Finale weight: 161 lbs.
Lost: 56 lbs.; 25.81% of body weight