Biggest Loser’$2 15: Before and after

After weeks of grueling workouts and big changes to their eating habits, the contestants of season 15 show off their fab new bodies.

Rachel Frederickson
Starting weight: 260 lbs.
Finale weight: 105 lbs.
Lost: 155 lbs., 59.62% of body weight

The season 15 champ of "Biggest Loser" and winner of the $250,000 prize is 24-year-old voice-over artist Rachel.

Tumi Oguntala
Starting weight: 319 lbs.
Finale weight: 144 lbs.
Lost: 175 lbs., 54.86% of body weight

The 41-year-old from New York became the at-home champ and took the $100,000 prize.

David Brown
Starting weight: 409 lbs.
Finale weight: 187 lbs.
Lost: 222 lbs., 54.28% of body weight

The 43-year-old project manager came in second place.

Bobby Saleem
Starting weight: 358 lbs.
Finale weight: 170 lbs.
Lost: 188 lbs., 52.51% of body weight

The 29-year-old lawyer from Chicago finished in third place.

Marie Pearl
Starting weight: 249 lbs.
Finale weight: 138 lbs.
Lost: 111 lbs., 44.58% of body weight

Craig Arrington
Starting weight: 385 lbs.
Finale weight: 223 lbs.
Lost: 162 lbs., 42.08% of body weight

Chelsea Arthurs
Starting weight: 241 lbs.
Finale weight: 146 lbs.
Lost: 95 lbs., 39.42% of body weight

Jennifer Messer
Starting weight: 266 lbs.
Finale weight: 162 lbs.
Lost: 104 lbs., 39.10% of body weight

Jay Sheets
Starting weight: 297 lbs.
Finale weight: 183 lbs.
Lost: 114 lbs., 38.38% of body weight

Matt Hooper
Starting weight: 356 lbs.
Finale weight: 223 lbs.
Lost: 133 lbs., 37.36% of body weight

Fernanda Abarca
Starting weight: 250 lbs.
Finale weight: 163 lbs.
Lost: 87 lbs., 34.80% of body weight

Tanya Winfield
Starting weight: 262 lbs.
Finale weight: 175 lbs.
Lost: 87 lbs., 33.21% of body weight

Holley Mangold
Starting weight: 351 lbs.
Finale weight: 255 lbs.
Lost: 96 lbs., 27.35% of body weight

Ruben Studdard
Starting weight: 462 lbs.
Finale weight: 343 lbs.
Lost: 119 lbs., 25.76% of body weight

Hap Holmstead
Starting weight: 403 lbs.
Finale weight: 322 lbs.
Lost: 81 lbs., 20.10% of body weight