Biggest Loser’ season 14: Before and after

See the amazing transformations of the contestants on the hit reality show. (Spoiler alert! Results are revealed with the photos.)

Danni Allen
Starting weight: 258 lbs.
Finale weight: 137 lbs
Lost: 121 lbs.; 46.90% of body weight

The season 14 champ of "Biggest Loser" and winner of the $250,000 prize is 26-year-old advertising account coordinator Danni from Wheeling, Ill.

Gina McDonald
Starting weight: 245 lbs.
Finale weight: 132 lbs.
Lost: 113 lbs.; 46.12% of body weight

47-year-old lawyer Gina from Hoover, Ala., is the "at home" champ, and wins the $100,000 prize.

Jeff Nichols
Starting weight: 388 lbs.
Finale weight: 207 lbs.
Lost: 181 lbs.; 46.65% of body weight

Jeff came in second place.

Jackson Carter
Starting weight: 328 lbs.
Finale weight: 190 lbs.
Lost: 138 lbs.; 42.07% of body weight

Jackson finished in third place.

Lisa Rambo
Starting weight: 246 lbs.
Finale weight: 138 lbs.
Lost: 108 lbs.; 43.90% of body weight

Joe Ostaszewski
Starting weight: 364 lbs.
Finale weight: 217 lbs.
Lost: 147 lbs.; 40.38% of body weight

Francelina Morillo
Starting weight: 267 lbs.
Finale weight: 172 lbs.
Lost: 95 lbs.; 35.58% of body weight

Alex Reid
Starting weight: 240 lbs.
Finale weight: 156 lbs.
Lost: 84 lbs.; 35.00% of body weight

David Jones
Starting weight: 307 lbs.
Finale weight: 205 lbs.
Lost: 102 lbs.; 33.22% of body weight

Michael Dorsey
Starting weight: 444 lbs.
Finale weight: 308 lbs.
Lost: 136 lbs.; 30.63% of body weight

Pam Geil
Starting weight: 237 lbs.
Finale weight: 166 lbs.
Lost: 71 lbs.; 29.96% of body weight

TC Pool
Starting weight: 376 lbs.
Finale weight: 266 lbs.
Lost: 110 lbs.; 29.26% of body weight

Nate Montgomery
Starting weight: 359 lbs.
Finale weight: 260 lbs.
Lost: 99 lbs.; 27.58% of body weight

Cate Laughlan
Starting weight: 237 lbs.
Finale weight: 173 lbs.
Lost: 64 lbs.; 27.00% of body weight

Noah "Biingo" Gray

The children were not weighed during the competition.

Lindsay Bravo

The children were not weighed during the competition.

Sunny Chandrasekar

The children were not weighed during the competition.