Fashionable feline divas strike a pose in wild and bright-colored wigs.

How can you make cute cats even cuter? Easy: By putting them in wigs! In the new book “Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs,” Julie Jackson features 60 portraits of fashionable feline divas striking a pose in hot pet accessories.

Take a look at how these furry minxes are pawing their way to the top of the litter.

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“Oops, you caught me! My craziness for crafts is completely out of control! Who knows what I’ll make next — besides a big mess!”

“Pink, she eez ze coulour du jour, non? Très chic, très chanel, très belle! After a long day at Salon le Mew, le carpet — how you say? — she matches le drapes. C’est magnifique!”

“What do you mean, Flock of Seagulls? Don’t make me bite you, punk!”

“A canary — in my mouth? How very dare you!”

“This party is the definition of cute overload. I feel a little sick to my tummy. I might barf rainbows.”

“Note to self: Paris during Fashion Week is always too exhausting. Next year, stay home and buy magazines instead.”

“Nyah-nyah baby! Stick your head in gravy, wrap it up in bubble gum and send it to the navy!”

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