Mad for these hatters: The best in celeb headgear

Check out the celebs who made the Headwear Association hall of fame.

Every year, the Headwear Association inducts a group of well-topped celebs into their hall of fame. The group includes stars who are known for wearing hats -- and do it well.

For 2012, they've included Lady Gaga, Fred Astaire, Kid Rock Victoria Beckham, LL Cool J and Marlene Dietrich in the esteemed group. Click through for photos of all of the famous folks who've made the cut over the years.

Sarah Jessica , in London, shows the kind of hat skills that made her a 2010 inductee.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images Europe

This hat got Aretha Franklin a lot of attention at the inauguration of President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America; it also helped get her a spot in the Headwear Association's hall of fame for 2011.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images North America

Fred Astaire, pictured here in 1937, knew how to work a top hat like no other. He's been posthumously inducted into the Headwear Association hall of fame for 2012.

Afp / AFP

Quirky Johnny Depp can make any hat -- or anything, really -- look cool. No one else, for example, should attempt purple shades. He made the hall of fame in 2009.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America

Princess Diana, here in 1995, knew how to take that distinctly British tradition of wearing prim and proper headgear and make it her own. She joined hall of fame in 2009.

Princess Diana Archive / Hulton Archive

Cameron Diaz, here in a newsboy cap while promoting "Gangs of New York," was honored by the Headwear Association in 2011.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images Europe

The extremely elegant Marlene Dietrich often performed in a top hat; other time, she chose simply chic headgear.

Fox Photos / Hulton Archive

Lady Gaga never misses an opportunity to accessorize, most of the time with out-of-this-world hats and heels. Here, she performs in September 2011; she's been inducted into the Headwear Hall of Fame for 2012.

Jennifer Lopez pioneered the red carpet-ready floppy hat; here, at the MTV VMAs in Miami.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images North America

Whether she was wearing a pillbox or a wide-brimmed number, Jackie Kennedy (here, in March 1963) made it iconic.

National Archives / Getty Images North America

Kid Rock joins the Headwear Hall of Fame for 2012, thanks to a flamboyant hat style. And the fur jacket doesn't hurt.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images North America

LL Cool J (real name: Ladies Love Cool James) lives up to the hype in toppers like this.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America

Madonna (here, in Malawi in 2007) has worn many hats in her lifetime. That's why the Headwear Association inducted her to their 2009 hall of fame.

Stringer / AFP

Duchess Kate (not a hall-of-famer, but give it time) has made headgear cool again. And she knows how to fit in wherever she goes: Here, in Canada, she wears a maple leaf-fascinator, an homage to the nation's flag.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images North America

Here in 2010, singer-songwriter Ne-Yo works a funky fedora.

David Becker / Getty Images North America

Brad Pitt rarely looks bad, but he looks especially good when wearing a cool-guy hat.

Alberto Pizzoli / AFP

Samuel L. Jackson, who joined the Headwear Hall of Fame in 2010, rocks a cool Kangol number.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America

Carlos Santana joined the Headwear Hall of Fame class of 2009.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images North America

Frank Sinatra joined the ranks of hat honorees in 2010.

Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive

Gwen was recognized by the Headwear Association in 2011 for her expert accessorizing.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America

Victoria Beckham, here with her husband at the royal wedding, turned to Philip Treacy for this precariously placed fascinator.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images Europe