Rock star hair

Over the years, which musician has had the greatest hair? Was it Elvis’ slick pompadour? George Clinton’s rainbow extensions? Justin Bieber’s modern moptop? Take a nostalgic walk down musical memory lane.

Elvis Presley had plenty of different hairstyles over his career -- by the 1970s, he had giant sideburns and his look got a little shaggy. But he's perhaps best remembered for his more clean-cut styles. "Clean" is a relative term, though -- Presley reportedly used three different kinds of hair wax.

It's hard to believe today that The Beatles' hair was once considered scandalous, but the mop-topped Fab Four drove school principals and barbers insane when their various 'dos were copied in the 1960s.

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Cher, seen here in 1973, started out with straight, center-parted hair and bangs, but then things got crazy. She sampled wigs, Mohawks, bandanas, curls, shags and even occasionally went blonde over her lengthy career.

David Bowie, seen here in 1973, changed his image plenty of times, and his hair went right along with it. This light-red feathered look fit with his Ziggy Stardust persona.

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Singer Crystal Gayle, seen here in 1970s, is famous for her nearly floor-length hair (it's fairly short for her in this image). How does she avoid the tangles and frizz?

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In 1984, Michael Jackson wore tightly Jheri Curled hair. It was around this time that the singer's hair caught on fire while shooting a Pepsi commercial. That painful accident reportedly started Jackson on a painkiller addiction that may have changed his life. The singer died in 2009.

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Paul Simon's hair was nothing to write home about, but his partner in the 1960s duo Simon & Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel, sported a white man's Afro worth singing about.

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Who better to exemplify hair metal than Bret Michaels and Poison? Sure, Cinderella, Winger, Warrant, Twisted Sister and others had the big hair look, too, but the Aqua Net award has to go to Poison, seen here in 1987.

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Dolly Parton, seen here in 1987, reportedly says she'll never leave her house without a wig or makeup, "unless my husband is dying of a heart attack, and even then I would think about it."

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Vanilla Ice, seen here in 1991, had one of the most definitive musician hairstyles of that decade. From his two-toned pompadour to his high-top fade, he was as '90s as clear cola and slap bracelets.

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It wasn't a hairstyle so much as a complete lack of hair that made Sinead O'Connor famous in her day. The Irish singer has struggled with personal issues in recent years and has occasionally grown her hair out, but will always be remembered for being bald.

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Who says hair has to be tamed? Coolio of "Gangsta's Paradise" fame became famous for a head of unruly braids.

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Stevie Wonder's cornrows are often imitated, never equalled.

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George Clinton may have the most colorful hair in music, thanks to his famed rainbow hair extensions.

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Country singer Willie Nelson's waist-long reddish braids are as much a part of him as his familiar, rumbling voice. When Nelson cut his hair shorter in 2010, the singer called it the "haircut heard around the world."

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The teased dark hair and pale skin of Cure frontman Robert Smith inspired many goth musicians worldwide.

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Electronic musician Skrillex (born Sonny Moore) shaves his hair on one side of his head, a trend that has actually even trickled down and is being copied by some female models. .

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Lady Gaga's 2011 song, "Hair," talks about how as a teenager, she felt she could only express her individuality through her hairstyles. Gaga herself changes her hair, often through wigs, almost as often as she changes her clothes, usually choosing an outlandish look.

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Blue? Pink? Yellow? Katy Perry's hair comes in more colors than Easter eggs, but blue is a favorite.

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Teen singer Justin Bieber brings rock hair almost full circle with his mop top, not terribly unlike that of The Beatles nearly 50 years ago. Some have actually claimed the young singer's one-eye-blocking look can cause lazy eye in teens who copy his look, but others say that's ridicuous.

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