Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski police figure skating fashion

Figure skating is one of the most fun sports to watch — not only because of how technical it is, but because of the fabulous and funky fashion. Here, Olympians, fashionistas and NBC Sports Olympics correspondents Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir share their critique of the looks during the Sochi Games.

Figure skating is one of the most fun sports to watch — not only because of how technical it is, but because of the fabulous and funky fashion. Here, Olympians, fashionistas and NBC Sports Olympics correspondents Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir share their critique of the looks of the 2014 Games.

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Tara: "They had this story of him being the nerd and her being the Paris Hilton. Her dress is not typical of a dance costume, it was unique, and I loved his vest! I thought it was a lot of fun."

Johnny: "He bugged me. He looks like one of those weird guys who comes up to you in an airport asking for spare change. But I thought she looked super cute, rhinestone-y and over-the-top. I guess that’s what Europeans think Paris Hilton looks like."

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"They brought the circus to Sochi," said Johnny, before singing a few bars of a carnival tune.

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Johnny: "This is one of my 'best dressed' because if you have the body to wear a hot pink neon catsuit, you should wear one at least once in your lifetime."

Tara: "I wasn't upset with the color, because it works and her body is so incredible. I didn’t love the front of it though. There was a lot of action on her chest that just didn’t work. But the low-cut back was beautiful."

Tara: "These suspenders killed me, they were on backwards. It was a lot of distraction. But I like the bright pink shirt, so minus the suspenders I was good with it."

Johnny: "He was being creative so I give him major credit for that, but for one of the simplest outfits at the event, it was very distracting from his program."

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Tara: "This has a lot of shoulder pad action! For some reason Christopher Columbus popped into my mind."

Johnny: "The shoulders don’t even look like they could possibly be attached to his body. When I was watching him in warm up, I thought he was wearing an actual winter down vest. I think the high-waisted pants are nice."

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Tara: "That’s a deep V! And the fit of the pants needs some work."

Johnny: "If you’re a true gentleman you should have some pectoral muscles to pull off a deep V like that."

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Johnny: "They skated to 'Alice in Wonderland' — they could have and should have gone a lot farther with the costuming. He just looked like a poor golf player and she could have been the White Queen, the Queen of Hearts, or Alice herself. Instead she’s just wearing a blah skating outfit."

Tara: "I like her costume, but I think he outshined her. He didn’t play the part at all, I was hoping for a high collar or some reference to 'Alice in Wonderland'."

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Johnny: "So it’s appropriate for the piece (he skated to "The Question of U" by Prince), but it didn’t accentuate his body at all, it didn’t do anything to make him appear larger than life or set that mood. It was very discombobulated."

Tara: "I wouldn’t like it on any other skater — or on a hanger — but it works on Jason Brown. He just has the most colorful personality. His short program and free skate match that. It's sort of six outfits in one, but if anyone can pull that off, it’s him."

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Johnny: "I was proud of Javi’s use of the Spanish collar but I really don’t think there’s anyone who looks good in vertical stripes."

Tara: "I kind of liked the red and yellow peeking out, but overall, not my favorite look."

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Johnny: "Oh God, they look like they work at In-N-Out Burger."

Tara: "And those shorts! You’re at the Olympics, you don’t wear microshorts."

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Tara: "Omigod, my favorite costume! I love the skirt – the style of skirt I don’t think has been on any other competitor. It’s very modern."

Johnny: "I have nothing to say. It’s flawless. Perfection! Perfect eye makeup, perfect styling, and he looks great!"

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Johnny: "There’s a point when you grow up into an adult person that you have to be really wary of the colors that you put on yourself and how you style it, while this was reasonably appropriate for the program, they looked very ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.’" Tara: "That orange is just throwing me. There are too many colors, too many patterns going on, especially on him, with the puffed sleeves and the vest as well."

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Tara: "I like this. Usually we are not fans of stripes, but I thought this was a very cute outfit and it works with their music. I like that he's in all black and she’s the one that has the different patterns. And it fits her body beautifully."

Johnny: "I love her dress. He looks like he showed up for a practice circa 1995 Junior men’s national championship, with the black T-shirt and black pants that don’t fit. It doesn’t do anything for his body. When you’re out there you need to accentuate all the good things."

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Tara: "His outfit, I don’t even understand what’s going on, there are all these strings. And what is the action on his chest?"

Johnny: "She has an oversized headband, and usually I’m a fan of those, because I think they're fierce, but this looks like she wrapped an apron around her forehead."

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Tara: "This is one of my favorite costumes of the season. The way the skirt is draped on her, the neckline, the way her entire back is out, the beading, the color. It’s unreal!"

Johnny: "It’s better that they don’t match, because she gets to be the one that shines. She looks so gorgeous that you don’t even notice him."

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Johnny: "Both of their costumes have a lot of weird colors just stuck together. It was good for them that it adds some interest — because the skating wasn’t actually that interesting. The styling works for them."

Tara: "In a photo I don’t like it, but on the ice it looked interesting. It made them memorable.”

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Johnny: “His was one of my favorite costumes so far. I found it a pretty color, the beading was really excellent and the shape of the lines was excellent on the shirt."

Tara: "I actually like the idea of this. The simplicity. I love the back but the the mesh didn’t match her skin."

Johnny: "Her skates are one color beige, her tights are another color, her skin is another color, her face is another color and the illusion mesh on her back is another color. She’s rocking about seven different skin tones."

Tara: "I want to know where someone picks that color out of the rainbow of colors you can have. That brown is terrible."

Johnny: "I liked her orange, but his brown wasn’t even a pretty brown. It was a bad coffee brown."

Tara: “I loved this outfit, I loved the colors. It’s the perfect proportion for him, and I love the belt — it’s simple, and it lets the audience know what they’re trying to portray for ‘Les Miserables.’ I like how her skirt weaved in both colors — everything was gorgeous."

Johnny: “They wore costumes from the movies and show, so it’s hard to make a mistake after that much investment and costuming dollars put into the movie. It’s very easy to copy.”

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Tara: “Hers was a typical skating dress. I see where they were going with his outfit with the cutouts, but it didn’t work. The belt seems like it didn’t fit, and the roping on her didn’t get the point across. But I like the color.”

Johnny: “They were going for a look, working in the Israeli national colors. But even for a modern take on ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ there was a lot going on, especially on her dress. As a new couple, they should have kept it simpler.”

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Tara: "It fit their bodies beautifully. This style on Charlie, a suit that’s tailored to perfection, looks so good on him."

Johnny: "I found it appropriate and chic. It was so ‘50s and nice. Pink requires a full look — pale makeup and striking hair and large eyes. There needs to be a whole idea behind an adult wearing baby pink, and Meryl did it well with the flowy skirt and puffed sleeves."

Tara: "I love it; I would say that’s my favorite ladies' costume. It fits into the theme of her performance to 'Schindler’s List,' in which she plays the young girl in the red coat. It had that haunting effect when she stepped on the ice. Dramatic, beautiful, and fits her so gorgeously."

Johnny: "I just found it was perfection. She looks incredible in red. As far as checking off all the boxes, she definitely did it."

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Johnny: "She has magnificent costuming. She is so detail-oriented and knows exactly what suits her, and it’s usually in the purple/lavender family. Every rhinestone is planned out and perfectly placed."

Tara: "She's one of my favorite competitors to see what she comes out with each season. She loves the purple and it suits her personality — soft but vibrant. The texturing of her outfits is so unique."

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Johnny: "I found they were not as chic as Italian should be. It felt very sailor-y and I’m not into sailors."

Tara: "I kind of like it. I love any type of story and character that comes through the costume. I think she looks very cute. I like a retro look and I also a very classic look on the man. He's very dapper!"

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Johnny: "I find them very striking on the ice, but his suit was too big and her skirt was too long. The color was so hot on her, so vibrant and bright. I love the rhinestones and cutouts that she had."

Tara: "I like the costume, I agree the dress is too long — it’s distracting. I’ve never been a fan of any type of glove either. I think he looks great!"

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Johnny: "Jason Brown wore an outfit that was appropriate for 'River Dance.' But as far as the actual costume, it looks too big on him and it’s a wild color green."

Tara: "A forest green is what I’d go for. That outfit on anyone else, I wouldn’t love. It being on Jason Brown, it’s so typical for him that I think it’s kind of fun."

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Johnny: "She was wearing a nightie, which I don’t think should be featured in any athletic endeavor."

Tara: "For me, the large pinstripe on a man — a zoot suit — is not a good idea. And on her, there's just a lot going on with the necklace and fabric of the skirt. But overall, it fits them nicely."

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Johnny: "This is Tara’s and my favorite costume of the year, because of the feathers! Red feathers!"

Tara: "He skates to 'Firebird' so it’s appropriate, it’s just a really fun costume that suits him well."

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Johnny: "While I often feature a statement cuff myself, I don’t think with a weird T-shirt is the place for a statement cuff, especially at the Olympics. And he doesn’t have much of an arm to show off. I’m against this look and the curled hair — it was all too much for me."

Tara: "He’s a very slight man, so I feel a more simple costume on him would showcase his skating better. This takes away from the program."

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Johnny: "I love this costume! Roberto Cavalli has been a longtime creator of her costumes. It’s so floaty and effortless; when she spun, it looked like a helicopter."

Tara: "This is the perfect example of what a stark white can do. She has those long limbs and this just works perfectly with them. It looks so elegant."

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Johnny: "I enjoy the use of pink on anybody, and I thought they looked really cute and age-appropriate."

Tara: "It’s the quintessential dance outfit and I think it looked beautiful on both of them."

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Tara: "I actually loved it. I think Gracie looks impeccable in this costume. I’m a big fan of blue. She’s skating to 'Sleeping Beauty' and it just matches what I thought in my head with the beautiful diamond choker, all the beading and the ombre effect of the costume."

Johnny: "I think it’s a very sporty costume, and blue is definitely a lucky color for Olympic ladies — like Tara Lipinski wearing royal blue. I think she looked chic and beautiful, but it was a little too simple."

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Tara: "I love a good vest on a guy; he looks nice. With grays you have to be careful, sometimes you can just mesh into the ice."

Johnny: "Skaters have to remember that costumes look differently in the arena [than they do] on TV and in photos. I would have liked to see something that stands out a little more."

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Johnny: "They were skating to 'The Addams Family' — Russian style. I found the costumes distracting, and if you look at the costumes out of context they just look crazy. But for the song it was appropriate."

Tara: "If you look at it in a picture I’m not on board, but seeing it in person, with the music, it was probably top of my list. You had to be there in the arena to get the full effect."

Tara: "I guess there’s a place for neon, but I’m not sure that place is the Olympics."

Johnny: "The place for neon is on Kelly Kapowski. And if you’re going to do the tattoo sleeve, do the full sleeve. The short-sleeves are not doing it for me."

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Johnny: "This is like a combination of three of my previous outfits, so I love it!"

Tara: "There’s too much man cleavage. I would have liked to see something a little more classy."

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Johnny: "When I was watching this, I was worried the whole time that she’d pop out and have a nip slip. I always worry about that when there’s no mesh or lining."

Tara: "I love the purple! And of course, the vest is great."

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Johnny: "I love the yellow pants. It’s right on trend."

Tara: "I disagree, I’m not loving the pants — there's too much yellow. But I love her dress, I’m a big fan of gold, and I like that the yellow is a small accent."

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Johnny: "The song they skated to tells the beautiful story of a soldier trying to woo an upper class woman, so this look is really perfect. It's a story that all Russians know, but I’m not sure how the rest of the world sees it."

Tara: "I agree, I'm not sure it translates, but I do think they both looked great."

Johnny: "This is actually a beautiful skirt, but the dropwaist is too low!"

Tara: "The color-scheme and skirt on this were gorgeous in person."

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Johnny: "She’s too old to wear that baby pink color, especially with how tight it is. She needs a look that’s more mature."

Tara: "I’m not a fan!"