TODAY Halloween 2005

It’s the annual Halloween costume contest on Rockefeller Plaza!  Best yet, Katie, Matt, Al and Ann unveil their costumes — picked by the staff of TODAY.

TODAY celebrates Halloween, Oct. 31, 2005. “Today” weatherman Al Roker talks to the campfire costume participants Karin Soyster (Hershey chocolate bar), Keith and Allison Moser (Girl Scouts), Sloan Soyster-Heinz and, Julia Moser (marshmallow girls), and Max Soyster-Heinz and Stephen Moser (the campfire).

Matt Lauer and Al Roker make their grand entrance on Rockefeller Plaza as Batman and Robin.

Guy Bayo, Liz Rilley and Annette Meeks prepare the "Today" show's Ann Curry for her Audrey Hepburn costume.

Ann Curry is dolled up as her idol, Audrey Hepburn, for the "Today" show Halloween extravaganza on Rockefeller Plaza.

Katie Couric does a song and dance routine as Marilyn Monroe during the “Today” show’s Halloween extravaganza on Rockefeller Plaza.

Elaine Smith of York, Pa., shows off her mother and child costume on Rockefeller Plaza during the “Today” show.

Eileen and Simcha Braun win a prize for their costume as King Kong and the Empire State Building.

Nicole Archibald of New Jersey is dressed as a lunch room lady and Scott Fruauff of Pa. is Napoleon Dynamite while decorating pumpkins on Rockefeller Plaza.

Ron Griswold of Rhode Island shows off his devilish costume with scary make-up.

Katherine Holley and her 8-month-old daughter Harper, both of of New York City, are dressed up as a magician and a bunny.

“Today” host Katie Couric hams it up with Judy Ruppert of York Haven, Pa., who is wearing her head on a platter costume.

Katie, Matt, Al and Ann, along with upside down guy, pose on Rockefeller Plaza one final time.