Wacky royal wedding memorabilia

Commemorative condoms? Cereal? Kate Middleton fashion dolls? See how fans of the royal wedding are getting creative with fun, new products.

Want more than just a royal wedding commemorative T-shirt or tea towel? Fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton are now offering an impressive array of fun items, including fashion dolls, comic books, toy sets and even condoms.

The Franklin Mint created The Kate Middleton Royal Bridal Doll, available for a cool $295.

Bazooka Candy Brands has put together a limited edition Swarovski crystal-encrusted Ring Pop. The blue jewel itself is the same size and shape of the classic Ring Pop lollipop, except it is not edible. The design, however, is inspired by Kate's sapphire engagement ring. Topps Trading Cards, meanwhile, is releasing a limited set of 50 royal wedding trading cards. "This tribute to the Royal Wedding of William and Kate carries on the company's proud tradition of documenting significant and newsworthy moments in time," Topps CEO Ryan O'Hara stated in a press release. "The card set should resonate with consumers who are fascinated by the royal family and looking for a unique keepsake of this once-in-a-lifetime historic event."

"The Royal Wedding for Dummies" book is described as a "fun, slightly irreverent guide to enjoying, understanding, and joining the festivities."

The latest work by micro-sculpture artist Willard Wigan shows Prince William and Kate Middleton in an eye of a needle. Wigan, an artist celebrated for his tiny creations, fashioned the piece, which can only be viewed through a microscope, from synthetic fibre and painted it using a single eyelash.

Richard Baddeley / The Castle Gallery

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton isn't exactly a sporting event, but that's not stopping Topps from getting into the action on trading cards and injecting it into a baseball card set.

Who says your four-legged friends can’t also be swept up in royal wedding fever? Thanks to Petite Pooch Fashion, you can now outfit your pup with a bespoke leather dog collar royally festooned with a union jack lining and a framed image of Kate Middleton and Prince William and ringed with high-quality, silver charms shaped like tiaras, crowns and other wedding-themed shapes.

Seeking to give themselves an edge over other brewers with an eye for royal wedding commemoration, the creative minds at BrewDog concocted Royal Virility Performance. Reportedly imbued with Viagra, chocolate, Horny Goat Weed and “a healthy dose of sarcasm,” this limited edition artisanal beer is available only from the company’s website,

For the discerning music fan, Speck Products offer a royal wedding iPad case, in either regal black or fetching hot pink.

Did your invite get lost in the post? Proudly proclaim your status as an aspirational commoner with this fetching garment.

Premiere Inn, Britain’s biggest budget hotel chain, is offering its guests the chance to sleep like future monarchs by offering limited edition duvets featuring printed images from the neck down of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Barely There cases offer the opportunity to swaddle your iPhone in a handsome, commemorative case that will both cradle your gadget and your showcase your affinity for the newlyweds-to-be.

Seeking to honor the royal couple in a truly unique manner, Niftyknits immortalizes Prince William and Kate Middleton as 7” tall meerkats.

For stateside Windsor-watchers planning on being up in the wee hours to witness the royal nuptials, Amazing Mart is offering commemorative sleepwear, fittingly emblazoned with the union jack and regal tartan.

The Royal Breakfast Company created Special Kate's and Wills' Royal O's cereal in limited edition boxes. The company offered 1,000 boxes of each cereal.

The “Prince William and Kate Middleton, The Royal Wedding Scrapbook” poster on commemorates the couple's April 29 wedding.

For those fretting that all the good princes are taken, there's a “Keep Calm, Harry is Still Single” poster. Both posters are on

Drinks manufacturer and distributor Halewood International, which has owned the Prince William Champagne brand for more than 20 years, released a limited-edition commemorative label using both the Prince William and Royal Wedding trademarks.

Phil Barton

New Balance UK is making a limited number of pairs of it's 576 sneaker to commemorate the royal wedding. The trainers, as they are called in England, have blue velvet and red mesh with "Will" and "Kate" stitched on the tongues. Ten couples with the names Will and Kate (or Catherine, Katie, Williams or other valid variations) could enter a contest to win the shoes (U.K. residents only).

Inspired by the romance and elegance of a traditional white wedding, Twinings created a twist on the classic and much-loved Earl Grey tea. The Royal Wedding tea is made with white tea leaves blended with bergamot essence and rose petals.

The Kissed by a Prince lip gloss from The Bath & Body Works' Royal Collection shimmers with gold flecks. Other royal-inspired lip gloss names include Princess in Training.

Royal wedding enthusiasts can keep their hands feeling fresh with If The Tiara Fits hand sanitizer.

Springridge Farm, based in Canada, marked the April 29 wedding with a orange and champagne marmalade.

A limited-edition Princess Catherine Engagement Doll, made to resemble Prince William's fiancee Kate Middleton, has been dressed and accessorized by seven award-winning British designers.

Luke Macgregor / X01981

Waitrose's gingerbread bride wears an elegant wedding dress and traditional tiara while the groom has gone truly patriotic with a Union Jack waistcoat.

Schweppes beverage company launched limited-edition royal wedding bottles of its classic mixers and lemonade products in the U.K.

The Royal Romance massage oil from Neal's Yard Remedies blends damask rose, pomegranate, cedarwood and bergamot essential oils in a base of skin-nourishing organic marula, apricot kernel, sunflower and soya oils.

The Papa John's pizza chain has created its own image of Prince William and Kate Middleton -- made out of a mosaic pizza -- ahead of their April 29 wedding. The chain worked with a food artist to create the pizza, which includes Kate Middleton's veil made from mushrooms, her dress from cheese, and William's suit out of salami and peppers.

Ash Photography Ltd / AFP

Fluffy needs the royal treatment too, according to the Cat Food Factory, which has a Royal Wedding organic cat food.

Perfume creator Kim Weisswange's created the scents "Catherine" and "William" in honor of the royal wedding.

Marcus Brandt / DPA

Yankee Candle's limited edition royal wedding scent. Selling for $24.99, this candle boasts a "soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits."

Yankee Candle

Now the even your little ones can get involved in the royal wedding celebrations with the Sylvanian Families wedding celebration set. The toy includes five rabbits and a beaver all decked out in wedding regalia.

Created by British confectionery, Swizzels Matlow, these Love Hearts sweets commemorate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Andrew Yates / AFP

Take a seat on a Prince William and Kate Middleton toilet seat cover.

Jeff Moore / Splash News / Splash News

A set of commemorative stamps, to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be available in Britain on April 21, the birthday of William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Ho / X80001

These commemorative PEZ candy dispensers don't open at the mouth like most dispensers do -- the whole head bends back.

Herwig Prammer / X00450

Transport for London made a limited edition Oyster card, a plastic smartcard to travel around London. About 750,000 royal wedding Oyster cards will be available after April 21.

Clarence House / AFP

Prince William and Kate Middleton now also adorn tea towels.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images Europe

Bristows created a commemorative box of its clotted cream fudge in honor of the April 29 wedding.

For those who would like to enjoy the royals with a spot of tea, this teapot, displayed for sale March 31 in London, shows Kate Middleton and Prince Middleton.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images Europe

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams grace the covers of cookie tins displayed for sale on March 31 in London.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images Europe

This variation of the classic Union Jack places Willilam and Kate at the center of attention. These phone cases from Fantegrate are handmade with Swarovski crystals and cost $220.

"Royal Wedding: William and Kate Dress-up Dolly Book" is an illustrated book contains lifelike cut-out figures of Prince William and Kate Middleton and includes a variety of outfits to mix and match. The book also contains interesting facts about their romance, engagement and wedding.

Meet William, The Royal Wedding Teddy Bear, from The Great British Bear Company. The bear is dressed in full Royal Air Force uniform and comes with a replica of Kate Middleton's famous sapphire engagement ring.

Want to get into royal character? Super Party Masks offers these Kate Middleton and Prince William masks.

This is a collection of nostalgic and contemporary songs fit for a future king and queen. The "A Royal Romance" set includes two discs of music and a DVD of rare and unseen footage of the happy couple.

Jan Constantine’s Royal Wedding pillow is embellished with the names William and Catherine in antique gold across the heart and adorned with the crown of Prince William.

A wall clock shows the bride- and groom-to-be in front of Westminster Abbey, the venue of their April 29 wedding.

Prince William and Catherine are portrayed on each side of Westminster Abbey on this 24-carat gold-embellished box. On the side panels are the prince’s coat of arms, with the couple’s initials, and Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II will give a reception following the marriage. The box is also decorated with the national flowers of the United Kingdom: rose, daffodil, shamrock and thistle.

Even batteries are getting the royal treatment. These limited edition royal wedding USBCELL reusable batteries sell for about $17.99. It can be used like a normal battery and can be recharged by plugging into a USB port.

Worker Linda Hancox gilds the first of a limited edition of 1,000 Loving Cups, to be part of the official Royal Wedding commemorative china, at one of the factories making the official china, in Stoke-on-Trent, in central England March 23, 2011. The china has been produced to mark the April 29 wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Pool / X80003

Baker Michelle Wibowo spent 80 hours sculpting a tasty homage to Prince William and equally sweet Kate Middleton for the Ideal Home Show Cake competetion. The fruitcake, a royal twist on the classic tiered wedding cake, is covered in apricot jam and made up of more than 20 pounds of marzipan and 10 pounds of icing sugar.

Dunkin' Donuts revealed their newest addition, the "Royal Wedding Donut," which is filled with gooey red jelly and topped with vanilla icing with just a dash of chocolate drizzle. For just 89 cents, you can dunk these royally caloric morsels in your morning coffee starting April 24 at participating Dunkin' Donuts.

Companies are cashing in on Will and Kate's romance, including Carphone Warehouse, which is now selling a £14.99 Alcatel PAYG royal wedding-themed phone.

GDHA, distributor for GE appliances in the U.K., revealed "the ultimate" in royal wedding memorabilia – a 5’9” side-by-side fridge freezer emblazoned with one of the official engagement photographs of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Special commemorative cups of coffee featuring the faces of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which have been created for the International Food and Drink Exhibition 2011, the U.K.'s leading food and drink event.

Matt Faber / PA Wire

Guandong Enterprises' souvenir mugs feature photos of Kate and “Will,” but it's actually Kate and Prince Harry.

Royalty at your fingertips? Local Westminster souvenir shops sell crafty nail art devoted to Will and Kate.

The Royal Wedding Playing Cards promise a fun game with all your favorite British royalty: "Get a royal flush whilst you celebrate the royal wedding with these playing cards; decorated with pictures of the happy couple-to-be."

British company Pieminister is preparing for the upcoming nuptials by releasing two new limited-edition treats. The "Kate & Wills" pie is made with beef, wine, bacon, pearl onions, mushrooms and a dash of brandy, while the "The Royal Pear" pie is composed of poached pears, rum and chocolate.

Drink up with Kate and William coffee mugs, designed by Sarah Cole. And don't worry, they're dishwasher and microwave safe.

A new "Little Miss" book commemorates the royal wedding: "Little Miss Princess has been invited to a very special wedding - a royal wedding! But she's given her maids and butlers the day off work. Will she get there on time?" The large-format coloring book comes with two pages of stickers and a personalized wedding section for fans.

Castle Rock brewery has announced plans to celebrate the marriage of HRH Prince William to Kate Middleton in the best way it knows how – by brewing a special real ale. Called "Kiss Me Kate," it will be available on draught at Castle Rock and many other local pubs for the full month in the run up to the wedding on April 29.

A Hamburg company has beaten the Brits at their own game — a cup of tea — by selling "KaTEA" tea bags featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton happily soaking in hot water. Filled with German-grown black tea, they are being sold for a limited time with a greeting card at

Does talk of a mushy royal wedding make you physically sick? Does your stomach churn when you're subjected to news about Kate's dress? You're in luck. Lydia Leith created kitschy sick bags, selling for £3 each, for those who can't stomach a big, expensive wedding celebration.

The Prince William and Kate Middleton lifesize cardboard cutout by sells for £29.99. The product description promises it is "sure to turn heads and wow visitors in equal measure!"

Handmade in Scotland, these 100-percent lambswool, camel-colored gloves feature the royal couple's names and, of course, an engagement ring. Available at for £35.

The "Crown Jewels: Condoms of Distinction" feature the happy royal couple smiling at each other. "Lie back and think of England," recommends the company's website. "Like a royal wedding, intercourse with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion." These sell for £13.50 for a 3-pack of 9 condoms, available at

This 17-inch, limited-edition fashion doll shows the bride-to-be in her blue Issa designer dress and wearing Princess Diana's iconic sapphire engagement ring. The doll is available at the Paradise Galleries store on

Early Learning Centre's children's play set includes the bride and groom sitting in a gold-trimmed horse-drawn carriage, flanked by the Queen of England, Prince Phillip and their favorite corgi, with a Royal Cavalry soldier and foot soldier standing guard. Available at Early Learning Centre for £15.

"The Royals" follows Prince William throughout his privileged upbringing, schooling, hardships and eight-year romance with Kate. The 32-page comic, on sale for $3.99, will also feature fictional details of the royal wedding, including Kate’s dress, the couple’s honeymoon location and more. You can order the comic book at

Butter London is due to release a limited edition nail lacquer in honor of Kate Middleton's engagement. The shade is said to be gray-blue with glitter galore and is cleverly dubbed "No More Waity, Katie", a facetious play on the endearing "Waity Katie" nickname given to her pre-engagement.

KK Outlet's plates boast funny, clever slogans, including "Thanks for the free day off," "Economic crisis? What economic crisis?" and "It should have been me." The collection is available at

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images Europe

Kate Bevan, a Kate Middleton look-alike, poses for a photograph with a knitted toy inspired by the forthcoming royal wedding, at a toy fair in London on Jan. 25, 2011.

Andrew Winning / X00802

Souvenir silver plated spoons for the royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton are pictured in a shop in central London on Jan. 18, 2011.

Ben Stansall / AFP

Fashion label Reiss has re-created the "Nanette" frock that the princess-to-be wore for her engagement photo session with Mario Testino. As part of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the frilly white dress has been produced in a lighter-weight fabric (while still maintaining its original style). It will be available in Reiss stores beginning Feb. 7.

One of the more humorous books about the royal wedding that has been released is "Prince Harry's Field Guide to Surviving a Royal Wedding."

This £5 gold-plated silver coin was released as a special tribute to Prince William and Kate Middleton on the occasion of their engagement. The special betrothal design received royal approval from Prince William and Queen Elizabeth.

Souvenir ashtrays for the royal wedding are pictured in a shop in central London on Jan. 20, 2011.

Carl Court / AFP

This T-shirt features a photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the wedding of a close friend in October 2010. It sells for £8.50 ($13.50), and is available on

Mugs commemorating the forthcoming marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton are stacked at the Prince William Pottery Company in Liverpool, England, on Nov. 23, 2010.

Tim Hales / AP

Souvenir cuff links for the royal wedding are pictured in a shop in central London on Jan. 20, 2011.

Carl Court / AFP

The "Princess Simulated Sapphire Ring" features an oval, faceted simulated gemstone surrounded by a sparkling border of clear, round simulated diamonds in prong settings. The ring is available at Kenneth Jay Lane stores.

Souvenir jewelry boxes featuring the happy royal couple are seen at a shop in London on Jan. 27, 2011.

Paul Hackett / X00813

The Prince William and Kate Middleton limited-edition royal wedding bell features the newly created monogram of the intertwined initials of the bride and groom. The bell is being sold by hanleymarketing on

Souvenir refrigerator magnets to mark Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding are on sale at a shop in London on Jan. 27, 2011.

Paul Hackett / X00813

A commemorative pillbox bears the date of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

Ho / X80001

Souvenir postcards featuring Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton are seen at a shop in London, Jan. 27, 2011.

Paul Hackett / X00813

Fans can click away with the Prince William and Kate Middleton Black Design mouse pad.

This fine bone thimble commemorates the April 29th wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.