World’s most extravagant gifts

Times may be tight, but Neiman Marcus still offers the most over-the-top holiday gifts money can buy in its 2009 Christmas Book.

The 2009 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, 83rd in the company’s history, continues their long tradition of awe-inspiring luxury gifts. For example: the 2010 Jaguar XJL Supercharged Neiman Marcus Edition, which includes a supercharged V-8 that delivers 470 horsepower. Only 50 will ever exist. Price: $105,000

You and a guest can learn organic winemaking and create your own vintage at Kathryn and Craig Hall's Rutherford Estate cave. After your custom blend has aged, it will be bottled and delivered to you. The package includes luxury accommodations and a tour of the Halls' world-class contemporary art collection. Available separately: a selection of Cabernet Sauvignons not available to the general public. Prices: $20,000 and $3,200

Photographer: Philip Chudy Www,p

Launched at Burning Man as a cooperative art project, the Cupcake Car reaches a top speed of 7 mph with its 24-volt electric motor. Sweet! Price: $25,000

The 2009 His & Hers gift package: the ICON A5 sports aircraft and FAA-certified pilot training for two. The amphibious craft takes off and lands on water or land, and comes with its own high-tech trailer. Price: $250,000.

Re-creating the glory days of New York City’s Algonquin Hotel, you and a guest will join Christopher Buckley, Roz Chast, Malcolm Gladwell, George Stephanopoulos and other literati there for an exclusive dinner party. Proceeds of this gift will go to First Book, which has distributed millions of new books to children in need and will dedicate 10,000 books in your name to children in the state of your choice. Price: $200,000

You and a guest will participate in the making of Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Two bottles will be etched with your likeness and dipped in gold wax. The experience also includes luxury accommodations in Louisville and a gourmet dinner. Price: $7,500

Photographer: Philip Chudy Www,p

The Mission One, the world’s fastest electric sport bike, reaches 150 mph. This exclusive edition is limited to just 10 bikes. You’ll also get one-on-one training with a pro on a test track. Price: $73,000

Photographer: Philip Chudy Www,p

British artist Michelle built the Cascade Lancashire Chandelier using 366 plastic bottles she rescued from a landfill. The brilliant result: a waterfall of light that measures 5 feet long and 2 feet in diameter. Price: $12,000

Artist Mike Libby obtains preserved insect specimens from around the world and adds unique adornments. For our limited-edition series of nine, he selected the African Flower Beetle.It measures 8.5" across and is posed in mid-flight with detailed parts from antique pocket watches. Each arrives under glass on a walnut display base, adorned with a brass plaque. Price: $8,500

Photographer: Philip Chudy Www,p