Deadly Typhoon Megi Blows Through Taiwan and China

Typhoon Megi hit Taiwan and China with powerful winds, causing high coastal waves and flooding rains.

Streets are submerged in floodwaters brought by typhoon Megi in Xiamen, eastern China's Fujian province on Sept. 28. 

Typhoon Megi hit Taiwan with powerful winds, causing high coastal waves and flooding rains on Sept. 27 and smashed into the Chinese mainland on Sept. 28. Nearly 4 million homes lost power and 10 provincial highways remained closed Wednesday.

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A man bicycles through a flooded street after the landfall of Typhoon Megi in Fuzhou in southeastern China's Fujian Province. 

Knee-deep waters swamped major roads. 


Rescuers evacuate residents through floodwaters brought by typhoon Megi in Ningde, eastern China's Fujian province.

More than 4,800 people remained in emergency shelters Wednesday afternoon.



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A man braves the heavy rain as typhoon Megi hits Hualien county in eastern Taiwan on Sept. 27.



A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by Typhoon Megi.

The third typhoon to hit Taiwan this month killed at least four people and injured hundreds on Tuesday, knocking down trees and cutting power to millions.

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A vegetable vendor speaks on a cellphone during heavy rain at a market in the Xindian district of the New Taipei City.

Most schools and offices were shut and the north-south bullet train suspended services as Typhoon Megi, packing winds of well over 100 mph, roared in from the Pacific.



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Churning waters in the Jhihtan Dam is seen in the Xindian district, New Taipei City, as Typhoon Megi hit eastern Taiwan.

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People brave the heavy rains and strong wind.

Typhoons are common in the region at this time of year, picking up strength as they cross warm Pacific waters and bringing fierce wind and rain when they reach land.


A motorcyclist falls along a road.

At least 329 people were injured and more than 14,000 evacuated, the government's Central Emergency Operation Center said late Tuesday. Authorities also estimated more than three million households had lost power, while over 72,000 were without water.


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A fireman inspects a stage tent damaged by the strong winds and heavy rains.


A man walks during a storm in Xindian district, New Taipei City caused by typhoon Megi.

The typhoon moved across Taiwan and is heading into the Taiwan Strait before it is expected to make landfall in China in its southeastern province of Fujian.

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