Violent Protests Flare in Brazil as New President Sworn In

Protests turned violent in Brazil right after new leader Michel Temer addressed the nation in a televised message.

Riot police block the path of supporters of ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Sao Paulo on Aug. 31.

Protests in support of and against Dilma Rousseff took place in several states in Brazil after Brazil's Senate voted 61-20 on Wednesday to remove her from office. The decision means that Michel Temer, who became interim president on May 12, will serve the remainder of Rousseff's 2015-2019 term.


A protester in favor of former President Dilma Rousseff throws a rock at a window in Sao Paulo.

Unhappy with Rousseff's ouster, a group of protesters smashed windows of bank branches, other businesses and a police SUV in Sao Paulo.

Victor Moriyama / Getty Images

Rousseff supporters light fires in the street in Sao Paulo.

Rousseff's removal from office was the culmination of a yearlong fight that paralyzed Latin America's largest nation and exposed deep rifts among its people on everything from race relations to social spending.

Victor Moriyama / Getty Images

A demonstrator attacks the office of the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. Graffiti in the background, "Golpista," translates roughly as "Coup Leader."

While Rousseff's ouster was widely expected, the decision was a key chapter in a colossal political struggle that is far from over. Her vice president-turned-nemesis, Michel Temer, was immediately sworn in as president with Rousseff's allies vowing to fight her removal.

NACHO DOCE / Reuters
Photographers help a woman who was affected by tear gas during protests against Brazil's new president. NACHO DOCE / Reuters

Demonstrators hold signs that read "Temer Out" as they show their opposition to the new president, Michel Temer, in Rio de Janeiro.

Rousseff was Brazil's first female president, with a storied career that includes a stint as a Marxist guerrilla jailed and tortured in the 1970s during the country's dictatorship. She was accused of breaking fiscal laws in her management of the federal budget.

Police clash with Rousseff supporters in Sao Paulo. MIGUEL SCHINCARIOL / AFP - Getty Images
Rousseff supporters gather to show their opposition to the new president. ANTONIO LACERDA / EPA
Police officers stand next to a large inflatable doll fashioned after former President Dilma Rousseff during a rally to celebrate her impeachment in Sao Paulo. The doll wears a presidential sash that reads "Goodbye Dear." Andre Penner / AP
A demonstrator wears a mask that reads "Temer Out" during a march in Rio de Janeiro. Silvia Izquierdo / AP