Image: A young girl places flower during ceremony marking 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall


The Week in Pictures: Nov. 6 - 13

Fairytale debut for favela girls, veterans honored, new perspective on Tower Bridge, Berlin marks a wall’s destruction, whale of a selfie, and more.

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Image: One World Trade Center Window Washers Trapped In Dangling Scaffolding

A scaffold carrying two workers is stuck 68 floors above ground at 1 World Trade Center on Nov. 12, 2014, in New York City. Two window washers were left dangling from the nation's tallest skyscraper when a cable suddenly developed slack. The workers held on to the teetering platform for two agonizing hours until firefighters used diamond cutters to saw through a double-layered window and pulled the men to safety.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images North America
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Image: A man tries to extinguish a fire set alight at the principal hall of the City Congress by CETEG members, in Chilpancingo

A man tries to extinguish a fire at the local legislature building in Mexico's Guerrero state capital, Chilpancingo, on Nov. 12. Members of a teachers union set fire to the session hall in the state assembly building in protest over the apparent massacre of 43 students by corrupt police and thugs from drug gangs.

Jorge Dan Lopez / X02850
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Kurds in the Turkish village of Caykara stand in line during a solidarity rally with the Syrian city of Kobani, on the Turkey-Syria border, on Nov. 11. Hundreds of volunteers, predominantly Kurdish Turks, keep watch on the border with Syria, looking out for potential ISIS fighters attempting to cross into Kobani. The Syrian city has been besieged since mid-September by ISIS and defended by Kurdish Syrian fighters known as the People's Protection Units.

Vadim Ghirda / AP
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Image: Veteran's Day 2014

Sue Papaleo, of Lincoln, Calif., mourns her ex-husband Craig Papaleo, a Vietnam War veteran, during Veterans Day on Tuesday at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, Calif. Papaleo, a former Marine, passed away on Jan. 30, 2014, at the age of 63 due to dramatic exposure to agent orange during the Vietnam War.

Andrew Seng / Sacramento Bee
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Omar Outten straightens the cuffs on his pants as he waits to see his daughter at the Federal Detention Center Miami, on Nov. 4. The federal prison system hosted the first Daddy-Daughter dance, a social event for inmates and their daughters. Prison officials support the dance as a way to help inmates engage with their families and to prepare the inmates for their eventual release from prison.

This photograph was taken on Nov. 4 and released to NBC News on Nov. 8.

Al Diaz / The Miami Herald
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Traffic crosses Tower Bridge as seen through a glass viewing platform during a preview to launch the new viewing experience at the Tower Bridge Exhibition center in London on Nov. 10. The new glass flooring sits 138 feet above the river Thames, allowing visitors to gaze down on the bridge and river.

Andrew Cowie / AFP
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Image: Final Preparations Are Made For British Troop Withdrawl From Kandahar

1st Sgt. Tony Quismundo from the U.S. Army practices his golf swing on waste ground at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan on Nov. 10.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images Europe
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Image: Mobile phone use in Thailand

Thai models use mobile phones as they wait for the start of a promotional event by Thailand's second largest mobile phone network, DTAC, at a shopping center in Bangkok on Nov. 10. More than 93.7 million mobile phone numbers are registered in Thailand, which has a population of around 65 million people.

Narong Sangnak / EPA
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Image: Molly Pederson, Laura Patkotak

Molly Pederson, right, and daughter Laura Patkotak take a selfie as a bowhead whale caught by Alaska Native subsistence hunters from their family is brought ashore in Barrow, Alaska, on Oct. 7. Whaling is a community event in Barrow, as family members and town residents race to the beach to congratulate the hunters and help butcher the catch.

This photograph was taken on Oct. 7 and released to NBC News as part of a photo gallery on Nov. 6.

Gregory Bull / AP
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Image: Lloyds of London staff hold their annual Remembrance Day service at the Lloyds Building in the City of London

Lloyds of London staff hold their annual Remembrance Day service at the Lloyds Building in London on Nov. 11.

Suzanne Plunkett / X90130
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Image: Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red Installation

Visitors view the 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' installation at the Tower of London on Nov. 7. The installation by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper used 888,246 ceramic poppies - one for each of the commonwealth servicemen and women killed in World War I.

Ceramic Poppies Planted to Honor WWI Soldiers

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images Europe
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Girls from the Cerro-Cora favela who turn 15 this year arrive in a pink limousine for a debutante ball in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Nov. 6. Police organized the ball to help improve relations with the community as they attempt to wrest control of the slums from gangs.

Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP
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Image: Palestinians inspect damage to a mosque following an attack in the West Bank village of Mughayer

Palestinians inspect damage to a burned mosque in the West Bank village of Al Mghreir on Nov. 12. The mosque was torched overnight, amid a rising tide of Israel-Palestinian tensions. Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfield said an investigation is underway into the incident. The deputy of the local council accused settlers of setting fire to the mosque.

Majdi Mohammed / AP
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Image: ESA Attempts To Land Probe On Comet

The European Space Agency's Philae lander sent back its first image Nov. 13 after safely landing on the surface of a comet, marking the high point of a $1.3 billion, 10-year mission. One of the lander's three feet can be seen at lower left in the picture above. The Philae lander, launched from the Rosetta probe, is a mini laboratory that will gather data on the comet.

Rosetta Probe Relays Photos from Comet

Handout / Getty Images Europe
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Image: A young girl places flower during ceremony marking 25th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall

A young girl places a rose at the Berlin Wall memorial in Berlin's Bernauer Strasse during a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall on Nov. 9.

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Fabrizio Bensch / X90145
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