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Watch 2015's Most Intriguing Photos

View the year's best news photography from around the world.

2015 was a tumultuous year of triumph and tragedy — including shocking terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California — and the world’s photographers captured these moments big and small.

The war in Syria raged on. That coupled with harsh conditions in other countries in the Middle East and Africa forced droves of displaced peoples to take an arduous journey over land and sea in hopes of a better life in Europe and beyond. Thousands of migrants died along the way while countries debated what to do with the hundreds of thousands more that sought refuge.

In the United States, the politics of race began to take center stage as protests against police brutality hit the streets across the country.

But between the heartaches, hope also shined through. Pope Francis charmed the country, a man made a dramatic rescue at the precipice of a cliff, a prince took a stroll with his baby sister and more.

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