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By Monica Alba

TAMPA, Fla. — Hillary Clinton made no mention of her potential running mate during a rally here Friday evening, instead delivering a fiery rebuttal to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

“The last thing we need is somebody running for president who talks trash about America,” Clinton said of the Republican nominee's lengthy address in Cleveland.

Though she acknowledged the focus on her at the GOP convention in general was "kind of perversely flattering," she slammed Trump’s two main messages: "I alone can fix this" and "I am your voice."

Clinton accused Trump of offering a "dark and divisive vision" beyond what he’s said in the past. "Last night’s speech took it to a whole new level. He offered a lot of fear and anger. And resentment but no solutions about anything that he even talked about," she said.

The presumptive Democratic nominee responded specifically to Trump’s claim that “I alone can fix this” by saying implying he was a dictator. "That’s not a democracy, my friends. As I recall, we had a revolution to make sure we didn’t have someone who said, ‘I can fix it alone,'" she said.

Clinton also took issue with Trump’s assertion that he speaks for most Americans. She went on a long list of groups she doesn’t believe he represents, including: small business owners, housekeepers, cooks, immigrants, people with disabilities, veterans and women.

She also applauded Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, of all people, for saying “vote your conscience” during his remarks at the RNC this week.

"Something has gone terribly wrong when one speaker says 'vote your conscience' and gets booed," Clinton said. "I mean, I never thought I would say these words but: Ted Cruz was right. In this election, do the right thing and vote your conscience. Vote for your future."