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SNL's 'Weekend Update' Roasts Democratic National Convention

The jokes spanned from sad Bernie Sanders fans to Bill Clinton's sex scandal as president in a send-up of the DNC convention.

"Saturday Night Live" returned from summer vacation for a second Wednesday in a row for a special segment on day three of the Democratic National Convention, with jokes that ranged from despondent Bernie Sanders supporters to a love story that failed to mention a sex scandal.

"There’s been so much passion and enthusiasm here — only problem was, most of it was for the guy who lost," "Weekend Update" co-host Colin Jost said, referring to Sanders.

They then showed images of Sanders supporters in the convention hall who were in tears.

"Look at all these white girls crying — they look like Dave Matthews just played 'Crash Into Me,'" co-host Michael Che joked. "What are you so sad about? You’re gonna be fine. What do you think is going to happen if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get to be president? You still get to be white."

The pair laughed about Bill Clinton’s speech Tuesday, in which the former president described falling in love with Hillary Clinton and convincing her to marry him.

"It was sort of like 'The Notebook,' you know? But if Ryan Gosling had ripped out all those pages about how he had an affair with an intern," Jost joked.

Che also brought up Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s comments after Michelle Obama described living in a White House built by slaves.

O’Reilly said that the federal government stopped "hiring" slave labor in 1802 (10 years after construction on the building began).

"You don’t hire slaves, Bill," said Che. "That goes against the very definition of slaves. You enslave a slave – you don’t hire a slave.

"What would that job interview even be?" he asked. "'Hey, we’re looking for somebody long term — where do you see yourself in 400 years?'"

The hosts also did a special edition of "Weekend Update" from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last Wednesday.