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For Early Voters, Changing Ballots Isn't Easy

Election officials say Donald Trump's comments about changing votes are having some impact.
Image: People vote at a polling station on the first day of early voting in Miami-Dade County
People vote at a polling station on the first day of early voting in Miami-Dade County for the general election, on Oct. 24, 2016, in Miami.Lynne Sladky / AP

Can you really vote, and then change your mind? Depends on where you live.

A few states allow some method to change an early-cast vote. The statutes do not typically focus on a voter changing her or his mind based on new information, but rather addressing issues like damaged or erroneous absentee ballot.

Nevertheless, Republican candidate Donald Trump has been telling voters that they can change their votes if, for instance, they are dismayed by the latest twists in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

And election officials say Trump's comments are having some impact.

"Mr. Trump’s statements have generated a lot of interest, especially among our municipal clerks, who may not be familiar with this so we will be issuing some guidance later today (Wednesday) on our website," Reid Magney, a spokesmen for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, told NBC News.

But the deadline for Wisconsin voters to change their vote is Thursday.

But the approach varies by state. Connecticut voters have until 10 a.m. on Election Day to void an absentee ballot, according to state officials.

“That is not a do-over," said Patrick Gallahue, an director of communications with the Connecticut Secretary of State's office. "There is no legal avenue for a voter to ask to have their absentee ballot returned to them so that they could cast a new vote by absentee ballot."

Here's a look at voting laws in other states:


People voting by mail have until this Thursday (11/3/16) to request a new ballot from the municipal clerk. Voters who have voted absentee are not permitted to vote in-person at the polls on Election Day.


Voters can ask to cancel their ballot until the close of business one week before Election Day. Then, the voter can have a new ballot mailed to him/her, vote in person at his/her local election office or vote at his/her polling place on Election Day. (EXPIRED)


An absentee voter can request a new ballot in person at his/her local clerk’s office up to 4:00 p.m. the day before the election.Voters cannot override their absentee ballot by voting in person on Election Day.


Voters can vote at their local polling place on Election Day and then their absentee ballot will be voided. Some counties allow for absentee voters to request a second ballot, but that deadline has passed.


Absentee voters can change their vote by requesting a new absentee ballot in person up until the day before the election, or voting in person at his/her polling place on Election Day. Absentee voters can also request a new absentee ballot by mail, but that deadline was Monday (EXPIRED).


Absentee voters can change their vote by voting in-person on Election Day, as long as he/she makes the request to do so before 10:00 a.m. on Election Day.


Absentee voters can change their vote by voting at their polling place on Election Day, which will effectively override the absentee vote.