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By Alyssa Newcomb

What may be the craziest election in modern times was reflected on social media with selfies, jokes, and some unexpected write-in votes.

Celebrities — they're just like the rest of us! — waited in line early to vote and then proudly shared their Election Day selfies on Instagram.

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Some voted early, like Katy Perry, who said she cast her vote on her birthday for her friend, Hillary Clinton.

And Amy Poehler, who said she wished she could be in New York "to watch history in the making."

There were also plenty of jokes.

Chipotle suggested bringing a "pocket burrito" to help ease the wait in long voting lines.

And as if we didn't already have enough time to get to know the candidates...

Voting this morning in New York City, Donald Trump and his son Eric both appeared to be taking a peek at their wives' ballots.

Playing on Donald Trump's claim the election is rigged, check out this street corner in Brooklyn. (It's the real deal.)

And this cute cat "son" casting his purr-sonal choice for president in a shoe box voting booth.

Instead of voting for Trump, Clinton or one of the third-party candidates, some people conjured up a few unlikely choices as their write-in votes: "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli — who, at age 33 isn't old enough to be president — apparently received a write-in vote from one Twitter user.

As did fictional Mark Del Figgalo from the old TV show "Zoey 101."

Instead of our first female president, how about our first feline president? Grumpy Cat made a play for the Oval Office on Twitter today.

Others wondered how many votes the jolly, red-sweater-wearing breakout star of the second debate, Ken Bone, would get.

And one guy who, with a little humor about the entire election mess, subtly reminded people to make their write-in vote count.