2016 Presidential Debates

No Discussions’ Of Pence Leaving GOP Ticket

Indiana Governor Mike Pence remains committed to continuing as the GOP vice presidential nominee after a chaotic weekend of fallout from Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women. Pence has been hearing from friends and allies around the party and at this point, sources say, "there have been no discussions about dropping off the ticket."

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A raft of GOP congressional candidates and leaders have called for Trump to drop out of the presidential race and on Saturday Pence cancelled a high profile appearance in Wisconsin with House Speaker Paul Ryan. He released a statement saying he was “offended” by the comments from Trump, made public Friday, and said he “cannot defend them” But Pence also added, “we pray for his family and look forward to the opportunity he has to show what is in his heart” at Sunday night’s debate.

Pence: 'I cannot defend' Trump's remarks 1:42

Pence takes seriously his place in the Republican party and the process, apart from Trump's selection, that made him the vice presidential nominee with delegations from across the country voting for him at the GOP convention.

Sources who have spoken with the governor say he has made clear that he hopes to see genuine contrition from Donald Trump and is offering his prayers. Pence and Trump have been in touch by phone and Pence made his concerns known. There are said to be no expectations that Pence needs to attempt to defend Trump on this matter.

As a sign of loyalty to the campaign, Pence green-lighted a four day campaign schedule without getting clearance from Trump Tower. He is prepared to hit the trail on his own terms and talk about issues, ideas and represent his party. Friends in the party believe Pence can play an important role for the GOP and fellow Republicans who are in tough races made worse by the current crisis.

According to sources, Pence wants to give his running mate a clear lane today to prepare for tonght's debate at Washington University without any distraction or commentary coming from him. He is spending part of his Sunday watching football, attending the game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears.