2016 Presidential Debates

Proud to Be a #NastyWoman’: Clinton Supporters Lampoon Trump Comment

Trump Uses Harsh Language At Final Debate, Brands Clinton as 'Nasty Woman' 4:05

The country braced for surprises and mud-slinging at the final presidential debate — but when Donald Trump uttered that Hillary Clinton was a "nasty woman," it was still jarring.

Tweets with the hashtag #NastyWoman and #NastyWomen almost instantly flooded timelines Wednesday night. One supporter purchased the domain and made it redirect to Hillary Clinton's campaign website, shirts with hearts around the phrase "nasty woman" surfaced, and Etsy started selling "Make America Nasty Again" hats.

The comment came after Clinton described her position on entitlements and criticized Trump's failure to pay taxes. And while it was surely negative and rooted in Trump's own troubles with female voters, Clinton supporters on social media took the phrase and turned it into something positive.

From female celebrities to politicians and more, here are some women who embraced the term "nasty woman" on Twitter: