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Power-Sharing Deal Struck in Afghan Election

Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, who have been at odds since a disputed presidential election, will split power under a deal, sources said.

Two factions that have been at odds in a disputed Afghanistan election have agreed to a power-sharing deal, NBC News has learned.

Ashraf Ghani will become the country’s president and Abdullah Abdullah, or someone he appoints, will become the CEO — a role similar to prime minister — and power will be divided equally, according to a sources from both camps involved in the talks. The agreement could be signed as soon as Sunday.

The deal apparently resolves fears that the disputed election could split the country along ethnic lines. Both men accused the other of trying to manipulate the vote and each declared victory in the contest to succeed Hamid Karzai as president. Abdullah appeared to beat Ghani during the first election but locked horns after a June 14 runoff. Under the deal, no final election numbers will be released, according to the source.


— Fazul Rahim