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Aleppo's Children: These 9 Kids Were Killed Since Syria Cease-Fire Ended

At least 114 children have been killed in rebel-held eastern Aleppo since a cease-fire collapsed last month.
Image: Nine children killed in Aleppo
Nine children killed in Aleppo since a cease-fire ended on Sept. 23. Top row: Mutieh Arbash, Noor Kadek, Shahd Ahmad, 2nd row: Shireen Kassuma, Sondos Mikki, Eman Mohammed Bottom row: Hussein Kassomah, Ali Arbash, Amina SharfuCourtesy of the families

Nine-month-old Noor Mohamed Saed Kadek died in her mother's arms. Sondos Mikki was trying to buy candles for her family when she was killed. Mutieh Arbash, 11, took her last breath alongside her 5-month-old brother.

These are a fraction of the at least 114 kids Save the Children estimates have been killed in rebel-held eastern Aleppo since a U.S. and Russia-brokered cease-fire crumbled into a ferocious bombing campaign on Sept. 23. The World Health Organization says a total of 406 civilians have been killed there since then.

Behind the numbers, each of the children has a story. Here are nine of them.

1. Sondos Mikki, 10, was trying to help her family because it had no electricity when a barrel bomb fell from the sky, a relative told NBC News.

Barrel bombs are oil drums filled with shrapnel and fuel, dropped from helicopters. Human-rights groups have produced overwhelming evidence that forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have dropped them on their own people, a charge the government denies.

Mikki was out looking for candles when she was killed by one that hit her neighborhood of Salah al-Din on Sept. 23.

"She loved life and was always smiling," said a relative, who like the other victims' family members interviewed for this story asked not to be named for fear of reprisals. "Her dream was that the war would finish so she could continue school."

2. — Four-year-old Amina Sharfu was killed in a rocket attack the same day on the al-Maysar neighborhood, according to her relatives.

3. The following day, 9-month-old Noor Mohamed Saed Kadek was being carried by her mother when both of them were killed in a rocket attack, family members told NBC News.

Her relatives said Kadek's mother was searching for milk to feed her in the al-Sukkari area at the time.

"Just as they reached a local park the attack took place, murdering both mother and daughter," a relative said.

4. A barrel bomb hit the home of 11-year-old Mutieh Arbash, who was killed along with her mother and baby brother on Sept. 25.

"Mutieh was a sensitive girl. She would always be heartbroken whenever she learned of a child's death," one of her relatives said. "She lived in fear of her life daily, constantly asking if she would be next. Her dream in life was to finish school and leave the war behind."

5. Her brother, Ali Arbash, was just 5 months old when the barrel bomb hit their home in the Bab al-Nairab neighborhood.

6. Among the children killed on Sept. 26 was Shahd Ahmad, according to her relatives.

The 11-year-old had already been forced to move to a different house three days earlier after a rocket attack hit her family's home, killing their father.

"Shahd was very sad that she lost her father, her house and her belongings," a family member said. "She was scared of death all the time."

She was killed after a rocket attack hit the family's new home in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood.

"She was a lovely girl, very smart," the relative added. "Her dream was to become a doctor. She was scared of death each time children were killed."

7. On Sept. 28, 7-year-old Hussein Kassomeh was killed in another barrel-bomb attack in Bab al-Nairab, according to relatives.

"Hussein was a lover of animals," one family member said.

8. — A barrel-bomb attack in the same district on the same day killed 3-year-old Shireen Kassuma, her relatives said.

9. Eman Mohammed was playing with her brother and sisters when a rocket attack struck the rebel-held neighborhood of al Shaar, according to family members.

The 4-year-old was killed and her siblings were wounded, they said.

"She loved to play with her siblings, loved to paint and she spent days pretending that she was attending school," one family member told NBC News. "She was always carrying a notebook begging her mum to let her go with her siblings to school."