Aleppo: Children of War

Innocent Witness: Aleppo’s Devastation as Seen By its Children

As the noose tightens on Aleppo, with hundreds of people being killed over the past week amidst a new government offensive, take a look back at the stories of children in the Syrian city engulfed by devastation.

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For One Syrian Refugee Family, U.S. is Last Resort for Ill Daughter 2:10

NBC News first met the Kiwan family in Jordan where they were refugees from the war in neighboring Syria. Today, the family lives in Marietta, Georgia, where daughter Hala will soon begin a series of life-saving heart operations.

Aleppo's Children: What Life Is Like for Children in War-Torn Syria 1:40

A 5-year-old bloodied Syrian boy in an ambulance captivated the world — for a moment. But as the world moves on, Omran Daqneesh and 75,000 other children will continue to fight for survival in a war zone.

Syria Cease-Fire: Rare Moments of Joy for Children Under Siege 1:47

The guns and bombs are going mostly unused in rebel-held Aleppo, but residents of the besieged city are still waiting for food that was promised to be sent during the ceasefire.

Children Wounded in Aleppo Airstrikes as Cease-Fire Ends 0:42

Disturbing footage shot inside makeshift hospitals in rebel-held eastern Aleppo show the casualties from attacks launched in the wake of Syria's failed truce.

'Toy Smuggler' Brings Joy to Children in War-Torn Syria 1:05

His name is Rami Adham, but to people in Syria he's known as "the toy smuggler." Since civil war erupted in his homeland, Adham has traveled to Syria more than two dozen times.

Aleppo's Children Pay the Deadly Cost of Syria's Civil War 4:25

Aid workers in Syria are desperately urging the U.S. and Russia help broker a ceasefire to end the conflict that is wiping out a generation of Aleppo's children. ITV's Paul Davies reports.