Crash Report: Apple’s iOS 8 Is Crashing Apps 65 Percent More Than iOS 7

Apple's new iOS 8 is causing apps to crash 65 percent more frequently than iOS 7, according to a report updated Wednesday by mobile analytics company Crittercism.

But there's a big catch here: Crittercism is comparing current rates for the week-old iOS 8 to the year-old iOS 7. New operating systems frequently launch with initial bugs and other issues -- particularly for the earliest adopters -- and Apple typically pushes system updates through quickly.

Overall, iOS 8 is causing apps to crash 3.29 percent of the time as of midnight Tuesday, Crittercism said. That's compared with the current 2 percent crash rate for iOS 7. Crittercism has been tracking crash rates since September 17, the day Apple released iOS 8, and rates peaked on September 21 at 3.56 percent. Unsurprisingly, older devices including the iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S experienced higher crash rates. Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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--- Julianne Pepitone