With iPhone 6 Plus, Men Feel 'Thumb Stretch' That Has Plagued Women

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Gentlemen, check your big-hand privilege at the door. Thanks to the larger new iPhone 6 Plus, some men are now experiencing the smartphone "thumb stretch" that has plagued women (and their generally smaller hands) for a while. Now we can all suffer together!

The monster 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is only the latest in a line of increasingly bigger smartphones that are tough for folks with small hands to navigate. Male reporters reviewing the iPhone 6 Plus griped over their strained grip. "Half the smartphone-buying population has been grappling with it stoically for years," wrote Slate's Will Oremus in his iPhone 6 Plus review, adding he may return the device for something more "manageable." The iPhone 6 Plus "forces you to constantly consider the size of your hands," wrote The Verge reviewer Nilay Patel. Lance Ulanoff at Mashable said the iPhone 6 Plus forced him "to use two hands [or] find a way to stretch my thumb." (The iPhone 6 Plus does offer a two-handed mode.)

Welcome to the club, guys. Get ready to do some stretching.



- Julianne Pepitone