Blizzard '15

#Blizzardof2015 Prep: Pot? Empty Shelves? Gas Lines? Check.

As the Northeast braced for a punishing winter storm dubbed the "blizzard of 2015," denizens of the region, especially New York City — which is expecting more than 2 feet of snow — took to social media to share their Sunday night preparations.

The NH Pot Farm, which aims to become the first educational marijuana farm in New England, took a unique approach:

Others lamented the lines at gas stations and grocery stores, bemoaning the empty shelves in some retailers:

Many people hunkering down infused their messages with humor:

The fun included this mock-up of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who urged residents to stay home, as a character on HBO’s "Game of Thrones":

Some storm enthusiasts said they wouldn't stay inside, like these Boston University students, who planned a little "snowbrawl" for the big day:

And yet others simply said they would stay out of the mayhem:


— Miranda Leitsinger