Ongoing coverage of the severe drought in California, and its affect on agriculture, food prices and water supply.


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Mourning Paradise: Collective trauma in a town destroyed Mourning Paradise: Collective trauma in a town destroyed Mourning Paradise: Collective trauma in a town destroyed Mourning Paradise: Collective trauma in a town destroyed

Mourning Paradise: Collective trauma in a town destroyed

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California drought officially over after more than seven years California drought officially over after more than seven years California drought officially over after more than seven years

California officially free of drought after more than seven years

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California Drought Puts Tens of Millions of Big Trees at Risk: Study California Drought Puts Tens of Millions of Big Trees at Risk: Study California Drought Puts Tens of Millions of Big Trees at Risk: Study

California Drought Puts Millions of Big Trees at Risk

California Fines Water Suppliers for Failing to Cut Back in Drought

'Moneyball' Mastermind Beane Is Shamed as Water Waster

California Drought: State Cut Water Use by 31 Percent in July

California Drought: Valley Land Sinking Faster as Groundwater Is Pumped

Great Balls of Plastic: Shade Spheres Floated in L.A. Reservoirs

California Beats Water Conservation Goal Despite Hottest June Ever

Tom Selleck Settlement Accepted in California Water Fight

Tom Selleck Reaches Tentative Deal in Water Theft Lawsuit, Agency Says

Job and Revenue Losses Mount From Parched California Farms

Lawsuit Accuses Tom Selleck of Stealing Water, but Cops Come Up Dry

Hot Water: Tom Selleck Accused of Swiping H2O


Dried Up California Lake Shuts as Summer Kicks In

Drought-Hit Calif. City Dumps 550K Gallons of Water

What Cuts to California Water Rights Mean, For Now

California Orders Large Water Cuts for Farmers Amid Historic Drought

Tapping the Pacific: Desalination Plant Will Make Ocean Drinkable

California Water Use Fell 13.5 Percent in April Amid Drought

Drone Captures Dramatic Effect of Drought on California Reservoir

Well Water Metering? Not on My Land, Say California Landowners

Almond Farmer's Message to Drought Critics: 'We Are Not the Villain'

Ban Bottled Water? Industry Scrutinized in Parched California

Cal Fire's 1st Full Time Female Fire Pilot Says Job is Dream Come True

'It's Gone' — Snowpack Crucial for West's Water Melts Early

Starbucks Moves Water Operation Out of Drought-Stricken California

California Gov. Brown Wants $10,000 Fine for Water-Wasters

California Drought Drives an 'Explosive,' Longer Wildfire Season

California Towns Shrink Amid Drought, in More Ways Than One

California Takes Serious Look at 'Toilet to Tap' Tech

California Drought: Top Water Supplier Moves Toward Rationing

Snowpack Melts Early in West, Raising Drought Worries

California's Four-Year Drought Starts a 'Water Truck' Boom

In Palm Springs, America's 'Oasis' Grapples With Drought

Amid Growing Drought, Santa Barbara Looks to the Pacific

California Drought: Farmers Faced With Whether to Grow Crops or Sell Water

Smart Sprinkler Systems Could Keep California Lawns Green

California Wine: Grapes Are Drought-Tolerant, Not Invincible

NASA: Crucial Calif. Snow Reserve Even Drier Than Last Year

California Imposes Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions

California Farmers Near 'Survival Mode' as Drought Drags On

Neighbors Not Doing Enough to Stem California Drought: Poll


Drought: More Dirt Than Snow for California Skiers

California Governor Calls Out McConnell for Coal Letter

Dry Southern California Offers Northern Farmers Top Dollar for Water

El Nino Finally Arrives But Too Late for Drought-Stricken California

California Drought Linked to Human-Caused Warming: Study

Pineapple Express Lashes California With Rain and Floods

Not Enough: Heavy Storm Won't Alleviate California's Drought

California's Drought Situation Improves (But Only a Bit)

California Needs 11 Trillion Gallons of Water to End Drought: NASA

Heavy Rains Due to Hit California Again, Threatening Floods and Mudslides

Drought-Stricken California Braces for More Rain, Possible Mudslides

California's First Significant Rainfall in Months Threatens Mudslides

Drought-Stricken California Sees 'Abysmal Start' to Its Water Year

Drink Wastewater? San Diego Will Get Wastewater Recycling Plant

What's Changing California's Landscape? Cash for Grass

'Drought' Beer: California Breweries Hit a Dry Spell

California Drought's Newest Target: The Great Pumpkins

Californians Cut Water Use 11.5 Percent in August, Drought Unabated

Chance of El Nino Still Ahead, but Can It Help California?

California Water Officials Among State's Top Water Hogs


Satellite Images Reveal Severity of California's Water Loss

October Brings Forecast for More Drought in Western U.S.

Drying Up? Six Industries at Big Risk in California's Drought


Last Chance for El Nino Drought Relief? New Kelvin Waves Cross Pacific

Fire to Flooding: Can California's Economy Survive Nature's Fury?

California Drought Could Claim Quarter of Rice Crop

Death of Yoda the 650-Year-Old Tree Tells Tale of Southwest Drought


California Drought Crisis Takes Toll On Lake Oroville

California's Historic Drought May Run Breweries Dry

California Drought Crisis Reaches Worst Level as It Spreads North

Drought-Shaming Apps Target California Water Wasters

Groundwater Levels Plunge as Southwest Slurps It Up: Researchers

California Drought Cost: $2.2 Billion and Thousands of Jobs

As Californians Pump Groundwater, Land Sinks and Aquifers Shrink

Why Your Water Bill Will Likely Increase

Explosive Fire Conditions Plague Western US

25 Million California Salmon Hitch a Ride to the Ocean Due to Drought

Monster El Nino May Be Brewing, Experts Say

Droughts Worldwide May Have an Effect on American Dinner Plates

More Than a Quarter of California Mired in 'Exceptional' Drought

Rain and snow are coming to California, but it's not enough to stop the drought conditions that have doubled since last week.

Landslides Feared as Heavy Rain Pours Down on Parched California

The heaviest rain in three years canceled dozens of flights and threatened widespread floods and deadly landslides in California.

California Drought Prompts Residents to Collect Rain

The California drought has prompted some Bay Area residents to collect rain in addition to conserving water.

Heavy Rain Will Soak California, Not Enough to Relieve Drought

San Diego and greater Los Angeles could get as much as 5 inches.

Will Rain Make A Dent? California Drought by the Numbers

A few inches of rain are expected to reach most of the California on Wednesday, but won't overturn drought conditions in the state.

Drought Spawns Small Armies of Tumbleweeds

Long romanticized in song and screen, the tumbleweed is the scourge of communities dotted across the drought-stricken West.


Before and After: California Reservoir Drops to 17 Percent Capacity

Northern California's Folsom Lake has shrunk from 97 percent capacity in 2011, to just 17 percent capacity this past January

Silicon Valley County Mandates 20 Percent Cut in Water Use

Google, Apple and almost 1.8 million residents may have to cut their water consumption drastically under mandatory drought restrictions.

NASA and California Team Up on Technology to Fight Drought

California's ongoing drought is bad enough that the state is looking for a little help from above — that is, from NASA.


Farmer Loses 1,000 Acres of Almond Trees to California Drought

The statewide drought is forcing Californians to take drastic measures for water conservation.

How a Mars Mission Could Ease California's Future Droughts

What does NASA's research into water production on Mars have to do with countering future droughts in California? Everything.

Parched: California Braces for Drought Without End in Sight

California is accustomed to droughts, but this one feels different. Water experts weigh in on how bad it can get and what can be done to adapt.

Feds: No Water For Drought-Hit California Farmers

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said Friday there simply isn't enough water to give out to drought-plagued California farmers.


No Rain: Scenes From California's Extreme Drought

The nation's most populous state faces extreme drought.

Parched California Pours Mega-Millions Into Desalination Tech

In parched California, once cost-prohibitive desalination technology is getting a fresh look.

Drought Threatens to Cripple California Agriculture Industry

An historic drought that has ravaged California threatens to decimate America's leading agriculture business.