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Ford CEO: We're a 'Mobility Company' That Does More Than Make Cars

Ford CEO Mark Fields says the storied Michigan automaker will do more in the future to be a "mobility company," not just an automaker.

Ford may be an iconic Michigan automaker, but to CEO Mark Fields, it's "a mobility company." And its future plans are focused on driverless cars, touchscreen dashboards and technology designed to solve big auto-related issues around the world.

Ford's tech plans are a response to global trends that could have adverse effects on the earth and on consumers — like the growth of the middle class as well as "mega-cities" with a population of 10 million or more, Fields said in an interview with NBC News at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.

With that kind of population growth comes more cars — and more gridlock, parking nightmares and air-quality. issues. "We're looking at that and saying, how can we be part of the solution?" Fields said in the interview. Ford hopes to find the solutions, the company announced earlier on Tuesday, with 25 "smart mobility" experiments around the globe.


—Julianne Pepitone