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All things old eventually become new again, and apparently obsolete consumer tech brands are no exception. Sony said Monday it would launch a revived version of its popular-decades-ago Walkman franchise, this time with an ear toward appealing to high-end audiophiles. The device—called the Walkman ZX2, was announced at CES this week. A press release boasted of sound fidelity "beyond CD quality." (Forget the Walkman, does anyone know what a CD is anymore?) Unlike the Walkman of old, Sony's new device doesn't use cassettes. Instead, it's designed to use a variety of different music file formats, including DSD, WAV, AIFF and FLAC. The price tag is a hefty $1,200, but if you're game, at least one reviewer has been won over.

CES: Gadgets Galore

Jan. 6, 201501:53



--- Matt Hunter, CNBC