Christie Bridge Scandal

Christie’s 2016 Hopes Dinged in New Poll

As Christie addresses New Jerseyans after taking the oath of office, Quinnipiac University is out with a new poll that shows that half of Americans who have heard about the bridge closure scandal believe it hurts his chances for a 2016 run.

From the Quinnipac release:

Among American voters, 73 percent have read or heard something about Bridgegate. Of that group, 50 percent say the scandal damages Christie’s 2016 White House hopes, while 3 percent say it ends his chances; 2 percent say it helps his chances and 39 percent say the scandal has no impact.

The controversy makes 34 percent less likely to vote for Christie, with 4 percent more likely and 56 percent saying it makes no difference.

The poll also found him trailing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 46-38 percent in a hypothetical national matchup.

In December, the two party heavyweights were neck-and-neck, 42 percent to 41 percent.