Deadly Mudslide

911 Caller After Mudslide: ‘The Houses Are Gone!’

A woman's newly released 911 call from after the Washington mudslide lays bare the panic and the devastation following Saturday's disaster.

"The houses are gone!" she told an emergency operator. "All I see is dirt!"

Mudslide 911 Call: 'There's People Yelling For Help' 2:25

The woman, who said the avalanche of mud and debris stopped 100 feet from her house, told the dispatcher she saw hundreds of trees falling.

"Are there injuries?" the operator asked.

"Yes, there’s people yelling for help," she reported. "I got people here screaming for help ... They’re in the middle of the mud."

At least 16 people were killed when a 600-foot high slab of hillside collapsed onto the tiny town of Oso, about 55 miles from Seattle.

Dozens more are missing and rescue crews say they have not heard any cries for help — or any other signs of life — in two nights.

— Tracy Connor