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Ferocious Tornadoes Leave 16 Dead Across Three States

An outbreak of tornadoes cut across as many as seven states on Sunday, stretching from Nebraska to Iowa to Mississippi, and the worst may be yet to come.

In the first fatalities of the tornado season, 16 people were killed as tornadoes ripped across the middle of the country Sunday night.

Arkansas was hardest hit; according to the National Weather Service, twisters left a path of destruction more than 100 miles long. Fourteen in the state died - many of those victims from the small town of Vilonia, Ark.

Today, residents searched through the debris of homes completely leveled for items they could recover. Many tearful over the loss, but grateful to be alive.

Meteorologists warn the worst is not over yet, as tens of millions are still in the path of a weather system that threatens more ferocious tornadoes and thunderstorms into the night.