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Spring Storm Set to Bring More Cold, Snow

Below average temperatures, snow and wind are in the forecast for the coming week in the Mid Atlantic and along the East Coast.

Old Man Winter's not going gently into that good night.

Spring weather may have made an appearance during the first official days of the season, but temperatures are expected to plummet this week in the Midwest and spread to the Northeast — bringing freezing cold winds and even more snow to the East Coast Tuesday and Wednesday, forecasters said.

In Michigan, the temperature dropped to 26 below zero on Sunday, and below average temperatures would spread from there to the East Coast on Monday, according to The Weather Channel.

By Monday, temperatures would be 10 to 20 below average along the East Coast, while Washington D.C. through Boston can expect morning temperatures in the 20s throughout the week, predicted.

As the cold air extends south on Tuesday, a low pressure system will brew in the Northeast that “can produce blockbuster East Coast storms,” according to While the exact track of the storm isn't definite yet, midweek precipitation in some form is likely from Washington D.C. to Boston, forecasters said.

The brunt of the storm will likely focus on the Mid-Atlantic region on Tuesday afternoon, before making its way through Pennsylvania, which can expect up to 3 inches of wet snow, according to NBC Philadelphia.

On Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, parts of New York and New Jersey — especially on the coast — can expect up to 6 inches of snow, temperatures in the 30s and heavy wind gusts, according to NBC New York meteorologist Raphael Miranda.

On Wednesday “blizzard conditions” are possible in New England, while on the southern side of the east coast, temperatures could be below freezing.

The cold weather in the south will follow severe thunderstorms in Florida that plagued the state Saturday and would persist through Tuesday before the temperature plunges from the 80s to the 60s, according to the Weather Channel.

— Elisha Fieldstadt
Image: First Day Of Spring Arrives After Extremely Harsh Winter
A man treks across a massive pile of leftover snow in Central Park on March 20, 2014 in New York.Andrew Burton / Getty Images