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Cost For Dallas to Care For Ebola Nurse Nina Pham's Dog Was $27K: City

Dallas officials say it cost about $27,000 to care for Bentley the dog while Nina Pham was being treated for Ebola. About $19,000 is being reimbursed.
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Caring for Ebola patient Nina Pham's dog during a 21-day quarantine period in October cost the city of Dallas about $27,000, according to an expense list made public Wednesday. Dallas officials said the price tag to house and monitor the pooch — a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bentley — is being offset by $19,000 in private donations and grants.

Overall, the city spent more than $155,000 on the emergency response to the Ebola crisis, which included dealing with hazardous materials, police and fire department overtime, and bills for the care and security of the family of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.

Pham was one of two nurses who contracted Ebola while treating Duncan, a Liberian national who died of the virus in October. Pham and the other nurse, Amber Vinson, both recovered. Health officials have said there are no known reports of dogs or cats contracting or spreading Ebola, but Bentley was monitored out of precaution.

The cost of caring for human Ebola patients is much heftier: about $30,000 a day, according to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, which has treated three such cases. The invoice released by the city of Dallas does not include expenses paid for by Dallas County, the state or federal agencies.



— Erik Ortiz, with Reuters