Dallas Residents and Visitors on Ebola: No Reason To Worry

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DALLAS — It was business as usual outside of a midtown grocery store Tuesday, nearly one month after the first person in the U.S. was diagnosed with Ebola here and died from the disease.

“It hasn’t really affected my life at all other than concern for those who were infected.” Kay Passmore said. “I’m just going about doing the normal things I would do.” At least 60 people who were exposed to Duncan have now been cleared after a 21-day isolation period. Aside from two Dallas nurses who treated the Liberian citizen, no one with general exposure has shown symptoms.

“Now that the original exposed people are out of quarantine there is less reason to worry, when really there wasn’t much reason to worry in the first place.” said Dallas resident Meridith Lohse, who is more worried about the upcoming flu season.

Matt Kiger, a drug rep who visits hospitals monthly, said that he was initially concerned because he happened to be at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital the morning Duncan was admitted. “I haven’t been back to Presbyterian hospital since this, but my life hasn’t been affected. I have been going about my daily life and everything is fine.” Kiger said. If business happens to take him back to Texas Health Presbyterian, he said he would not be afraid to go.

While some outside of Dallas have concerns about the spread of Ebola, it has not deterred visitors. Fred Rodriguez came here on business, and said that although some of his colleagues questioned his decision to come, he is not worried. "It’s not out everywhere.” He said. “I am not concerned.”


— Tracy Jarrett