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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Defends Quarantine of Nurse Kaci Hickox

He says the policy, criticized by health-care experts, was the right thing for his constituents.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is defending his controversial decision to forcibly quarantine a nurse returning home from treating Ebola patients in West Africa even after she tested negative for the virus. "You worry about doing what’s right for the people you represent and that’s what we've done," Christie said of the new policy to isolate any health-care workers for 21 days after they have been in contact with Ebola victims.

Kaci Hickox, who was held against her will in a tent outside a New Jersey hospital after she landed at Newark Airport, hired a civil liberties lawyer to push for her release. An array of health-care experts said her quarantine was unnecessary. The state announced Monday that she will be released and privately transported home to Maine.

"I know she didn't want to be there," Christie said, but shrugged off those who said he had overreacted to the Ebola crisis. "No matter what you do, there will be critics."