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Ai Weiwei Drapes Concert Hall With Refugees' Life Vests

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei wrapped the pillars of the famous Konzerthaus Berlin with used life vests, calling for attention to refugees' plight.
Image: Ai Weiwei Creates Art Installation From Refugee Life Vests
People walk past an art installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei that uses life vests worn by refugees to wrap the pillars of the concert hall Konzerthaus Berlin in Germany, on Feb. 14, 2016.Clemens Bilan / Getty Images

Activist and artist Ai Weiwei posted the above photo on his Instagram on Feb. 13. He wrapped the pillars of the Konzerthaus Berlin, a German concert hall, with life vests used by refugees.

Workers attach life vests to the Berlin's concert hall on Feb. 13.Joerg Carstensen / EPA

Ai got about 14,000 life vests from the municipal authorities on the Greek island of Lesbos. A statement from the island's municipality said Ai's project "is aimed raising awareness and mobilizing the world community to the crime being committed every day in the Aegean Sea by ruthless traffickers."

The life vests were among the thousands discarded by migrants and refugees after they crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece.Clemens Bilan / Getty Images

Ai has repeatedly visited Lesbos, Europe's busiest entry point since the refugee crisis erupted.

Ai Weiwei gives a chocolate cookie to a girl after her arrival with other refugees and migrants on a dinghy from the Turkish coast to a beach near Mytilene port on the Greek island of Lesbos on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016.Mstyslav Chernov / AP, file