Ongoing coverage of the tainted water supply in Flint, Michigan, and the government's response the crisis.


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Lead could be fueling America's high blood pressure epidemic Lead could be fueling America's high blood pressure epidemic Lead could be fueling America's high blood pressure epidemic

Could lead be fueling the high blood pressure epidemic?

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Miss America contestant uses pageant to call out Flint water crisis Miss America contestant uses pageant to call out Flint water crisis Miss America contestant uses pageant to call out Flint water crisis

Miss America contestant uses pageant to call out Flint water crisis

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Lead crisis: Flint braces as Michigan shuts down free bottled water sites Lead crisis: Flint braces as Michigan shuts down free bottled water sites Lead crisis: Flint braces as Michigan shuts down free bottled water sites

Flint braces as Michigan shuts down its free bottled water sites

Unresolved Flint Water Crisis Allowing Law Firms to Rake in Millions of Dollars

Michigan Health Chief Nick Lyon Charged in Flint Water Probe

Flint Official Resigns After Using Racial Slur to Describe Residents With Water Problems

Common Lead Test May Be Wrong, FDA and CDC Say

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Says Water Switch 'Too Risky' After Lead Crisis

$97 Million Water Settlement Hailed as a Big Victory for Flint

Flint and Michigan Agree to Settle Water Suit for Almost $100 Million, Dig Up Miles of Pipe

Trump to Meet With Flint Mayor to Discuss Water Crisis

Ex-Michigan Official Gets Probation in Flint Water Probe

Michigan Ends Flint Water Credit Amid Disagreement on Recovery

Flint Residents Leery of Data Showing Decreased Lead Levels in Water

Water Lead-Level Falls Below Federal Limit in Flint

Four More Officials Charged Over Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis

Water Wary Flint Residents Face Bacterial Outbreak

Six More Officials Charged in Flint Water Crisis for Alleged Cover-Up

Water Systems Violate Lead Rules Nationwide, Advocacy Group Finds

CDC Confirms Lead Levels Shot Up in Flint Kids After Water Switch

Feds Say Filtered Flint Drinking Water Is Safe to Drink

Obama in Michigan: 'Turn This Into An Opportunity to Rebuild Flint'

Flint Residents Hope Obama's Visit Will Stir Waters of Change

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Hasn't Been Grilled Over Flint

'Failed Us All': 3 Officials Hit With Charges in Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis: Up to Three to Face Criminal Charges — Sources

Michigan Governor Snyder: I Will Drink Flint Tap Water for 30 Days

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: Brief From Staff Said There Wasn't a Problem in Flint

Flint Official: State Overruled Water Treatment Plan

Who Is Gina McCarthy? White House Stands By Embattled EPA Chief

Lawmakers Call For EPA Chief Gina McCarthy, Michigan Governor to Resign Over Flint

Former EPA Official Defends Actions on Flint Water Crisis

Flint Finally Suspends Water Utility Billing Amid Lead Crisis

Seven Lead-Poisoned Families File Flint Class Action Lawsuit

Flint Water Crisis: Feds Expand Programs to Help Kids Affected by Lead

Michigan Aide Wanted Environmental Director to Stay, Even After Flint

Lead Crisis: Flint Plumber Discovers Poison Pipes in His Own House

As Flint's Lead Pipes Are Counted, Gov. Snyder Promises More Emails to Be Released

Is Philadelphia Testing Its Drinking Water Correctly?

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Offers Flint $2 Million More to Clean Up Water

Michigan Governor Touts Flint Pipe Switch, But Mayor Pans It

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to Testify Before House Committee About Flint

Michigan Governor Includes $195 Million for Flint in New Budget


Faces of Flint: Portraits From the Crisis

Flint Mayor: 'Shame' on Snyder if He Won't Back Lead Pipe Removal

Flint Water Crisis: Dogs Getting Lead Poisoning, Too

Michigan Board Approves Petition to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder

Parents of 'Tragic' 2-Year-Old With Lead Poisoning Sue Flint

Hillary Clinton: 'What Happened in Flint Is Immoral'

Hillary Clinton to Tour Flint, Michigan, Amid Water Crisis

Lead Test Results Confirm Worst Fears for Flint Family

Former Flint Emergency Manager to Attend Congressional Hearing on Water Crisis

House Panel Accuses Officials of Covering Up Flint Water Crisis

Feds, State Blame Each Other for Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Plans $30M Credit for Flint Water Customers

Flint Water Crisis: Mayor Says 'Lead Pipes Have Got to Go'

FBI Investigating Flint's Poisoned Water Crisis

A Cheap Cure for Flint? Scientists Tout New Fix for Tainted Water

Pipe Dream? Congressional Dems Propose $400M for Flint Lead Removal

Flint's Next Issue: What to Do With Empty Water Bottles?

Detroit Pistons Owner Pledges to Raise $10M for Flint Effort

Flint Sounds Off on Water Crisis at MSNBC Town Hall

MSNBC Town Hall on Flint Water Crisis Hosted by Rachel Maddow

'No Pill for Lead': Flint Mom Fights Baby's Toxic Lead Exposure

Flint Water Crisis Focus of MSNBC Town Hall Hosted by Rachel Maddow

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Has No Plan to Remove Poison Pipes in Flint

'Hero' Expert Marc Edwards to Oversee Flint Water Testing

'Nobody Cares': Flint Family Says Lead Pipes Must Go

Celebrities, Companies Step Up to Help Flint Amid Water Crisis

What Emergency? Lead Pipes Not Being Removed in Flint

Water Bills in Poisoned Flint an 'Outrage,' Attorney General Says

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Hires Spin Doctors for Flint Health Crisis

Legionnaires' Widow Wants Answers on Flint Water

EPA Administrator Quits Amid Flint Water Crisis

Flint Emails: Gov. Rick Snyder's Aide Called Crisis 'Political Football'

Obama: 'I Would Be Beside Myself' if My Kids Lived in Flint

Flint Water Crisis Isn't The First — and Won't Be the Last: Activists

Michigan Governor Snyder Apologizes for Flint Water Crisis, Says 'I Will Fix It'

Flint Water Crisis: Here's What Lead Can Do to You

EPA Faults State 'Failures and Resistance' in Flint Water Crisis

2016 Republicans (So Far) Mum on Flint Water Crisis

Bad Decisions, Broken Promises: A Timeline of the Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to Address Water Crisis in State of the State

More National Guard Troops Move into Flint as Water Crisis Widens

Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis: Obama Signs Emergency Declaration

Michigan Prosecutor Opens Probe of Flint Water Crisis

Email Was 'Missed Opportunity' to Save Flint's Kids From Lead

Michigan Governor Deploys National Guard to Hand Out Water in Flint

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Turns to Feds for Help With Flint Water Crisis

After Declaring Emergency, Michigan Governor Gives Water to Flint

Michigan Fails to Hand Out Bottled Water in Lead-Poisoned Flint

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Mum on What He Knew About Flint Water

Internal Email: Michigan 'Blowing Off' Flint Over Lead in Water

U.S. Attorney Probes Flint's Lead-Tainted Drinking Water as Governor Declares Emergency

Flint, Michigan, Declares State of Emergency Amid Lead in Drinking Water Scare

Lead Levels In Flint, Michigan, Water Have Residents Avoiding Tap