Nice Attack: New Video Shows Police Shooting at Truck

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By Cassandra Vinograd

The scene opens with a burst of gunfire: The white truck is motionless, two cops seen firing in the frame.

Chilling new video emerged Friday of the moment French police stopped a truck driver's murderous path down the promenade in Nice. Dozens of people were killed in Thursday night's attack.

Police shot the driver — later identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel — dead.

Video emerged showing what appears to be the immediate aftermath, with the large white truck stopped in the street as pops of gunfire are heard. Two police officers are seen in the initial frame, guns raised.

More officers race toward the vehicle, surrounding the cab and shining their flashlights inside.

Screams and shouts are heard as yet more police swarm from around the back of the truck.

The camera pans to the left to show the the deadly trail of destruction — debris and what appear to be bodies strewn in the street, people running through the frame.

With the vehicle finally still authorities take up positions, ordering onlookers back with shouts as they set up a perimeter.

The camera is pushed back and picks up filming on the beach, where dozens of people run past. For a time the only sound is of feet trudging through the sand — then there's a beachside restaurant, its patrons milling around in shock.

Sirens cut through the chatter, racing closer to the scene.

Back on the street crowds have gathered as more, craning their necks to look at the ambulances racing past and not yet knowing the full scale of the horror.