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By Geraldine Cols Azócar, Sandra Lilley and Brian Latimer

Chances are that if you're saying "Latina mom" and "hilarious" in the same sentence, you're probably referring to the viral videos created by social media star LeJuan James.

LeJuan is a social media influencer and comedian with a massive following, creating videos for Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that focus on funny instances about growing up Latino. His favorite subject? His mother, Ingrid, whom he imitates in a laugh-out-load way, and who sometimes stars in his videos.

Born Juan Antiles, he gave himself his "stage name" after his basketball idol Lebron James. He and his siblings moved with his Dominican mother and Puerto Rican dad to the U.S. when he was in elementary school.

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As part of NBC Latino's "One Heritage, Two Generations" series, LeJuan and his mom share their strong — and very funny — bond and talk about how their culture and background was such a big part of his upbringing.

"We first came to this country when I was in elementary school, and several of my friends wanted to do a sleepover and I quickly found out that doesn’t happen in Hispanic homes," said LeJuan to his mom, as they shared a good laugh over her reaction to his friends. "Hispanic parents want to know who are they, who are their parents, you wanted to know their social security number, blood type, DNA, etc."

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Ingrid is a good sport about her son's ribbing, and she says it's been an empowering experience for the whole family.

"I am so happy, I say thanks to God everyday because when I read the comments in your videos, everything is very positive about everything you’re teaching to the world," Ingrid said to LeJuan.

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