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Test Yourself! Take Our First 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month Quiz

What better way to test your knowledge of Latino history, pop culture, events and people than with the first of our Hispanic Heritage Month quiz?

What better way to test your knowledge of Latino history, people, events and places than with the first of our three Hispanic Heritage Month quizzes? See how much you know, and no cheating! (Answers at bottom).

1. Which five Latin American countries celebrate their independence day on September 15?

A. Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica

B. El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua

C. Costa Rica, Honduras, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru

D. Brazil, Uruguay, Honduras, Venezuela, Nicaragua

2. One of the best-known Latino streets in Miami is:

A. Calle Ocho

B. Avenida de la Independencia

C. Calle La Pequeña Habana

D. Calle Cuatro

3. Who was the first Hispanic Housing Secretary of the U.S.?

A. Julián Castro

B. Henry Cisneros

C. José Serrano

D. Herman Badillo

4. This scrumptious version of Mexican corn on the cob with delicious sauce and spices now found in ballparks and street fairs around the country is called:

A. Mofongo

B. Elote

C. Fufú

D. Lomo Saltado

5. Which Latina actress and activist grew up in Texas?

A. Eva Mendes

B. Zoe Saldana

C. America Ferrera

D. Eva Longoria

6. This kid from Yuma, Arizona joined the Navy, served two years in the Pacific during WWII, was posthumously decorated with the Medal of Freedom:

A. Arturo Rodríguez

B. César Chávez

C. Roberto Clemente

D. Tom Pérez

7. There are approximately how many Hispanics in the U.S.?

A. About 35 million

B. About 80 million

C. About 28 million

D. About 54 million

8. This Latino is one of only two people to win a Super Bowl as a player, as an assistant coach, and as a head coach.

A. Anthony Muñoz

B. Tony González

C. Tom Flores

D. Ron Rivera

9. This Latina is the current governor of New Mexico.

A. Susana Martínez

B. Nydia Velázquez

C. Janet Murguía

D. Jessica Alba

10. What is the hometown of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor?

A. Houston, TX

B. Bronx, NY

C. Princeton, NJ

D. Chicago, IL

Answers: 1.B 2.A 3.B 4. B 5.D 6. B 7.D 8.C 9. A 10. B

NBC Latino contributor Kelly Carrión contributed to this report.

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