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Test Yourself! Our Final Hispanic Heritage Month Quiz

Take our third and final quiz testing your knowledge of Latino culture, history and literature as we enter the last few days of Hispanic Heritage Month.
Image: Il Trovatore - Salzburg Festival 2014
File photo of Canadian contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux as Azucena, Italian bass Riccardo Zanellato as Ferrando and Spanish tenor Placido Domingo as Count di Luna perform during the rehearsal of 'Il Trovatore' (The Troubadour) at the Grosses Festspielhaus (Large Festival Hall) in Salzburg, Austria, 04 August 2014. BARBARA GINDL / EPA

Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to a close. We’ve done our best to highlight some of the heritage, contributions and influence of Latinos in the U.S. and let you test your own knowledge.

Just to make sure you don’t end this celebration without an extra fact or two, here is our final quiz before the "despedida." Click on the link for answers or find them at the bottom. Thank you for playing and one more time, buena suerte!

1. The name of the Hawaiian cowboy, which has Mexican-American origins is:

A. Ranchero

B. Manito

C. Paniolo

D. Brokie

2. The two countries with the largest Hispanic populations are:

A. Brazil and Spain

B. Bolivia and Brazil

C. Mexico and the United States

D. Brazil and the United States

3. This governor was the nation’s first Latina governor in the U.S.:

A. Susana Martinez

B. Shakira

C. Hilda Solis

D. Rosario Marin

4. One of the Three Tenors, born in Spain, raised in Mexico and now with the LA Opera is:

A. José Carreras

B. Enrico Caruso

C. Luciano Pavarotti

D. Placido Domingo

5. Dora, an animated creation of Nikelodeon, is:

A. a mouse that runs very fast and wears a sombrero

B. a bilingual girl who explores and wears a backpack

C. A Disney princess who is friends with Sofia the First

D. None of the above

6. Name the Puerto Rican actress who is the only Hispanic to win a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and a Tony award:

A. Raquel Welch

B. Lupe Ontiveros

C. Jennifer Lopez

D. Rita Moreno

7. This segregated all-Latino military unit was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for distinguished service in World War I and II and the Korean War:

A. the Tuskegee Airmen

B. the Aguilas Aztecas

C. the Borinqueneers

D. the Thunderbirds

8. The country to which the majority of Latinos in the U.S. trace their family origins is:

A. Brazil

B. Spain

C. Cuba

D. Mexico

9. This Cuban-American was the first Latino to win a Pulitzer for the novel "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love:

A. Sandra Cisneros

B. Oscar Hijuelos

C. Richard Blanco

D. Ana Castillo

10. The death of this pioneering Latino journalist during the Chicano Moratorium continues to be controversial, although it was ruled an accident:

A. Gabriel García Márquez

B. José Martí

C. Ruben Salazar

D. None of the above

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(Answers: 1 C, 2 C, 3 A, 4 D, 5 B, 6 D, 7 C, 8 D, 9 B, 10 C)