Hong Kong’s Albert Ho: I Will Take A Bullet For Democracy

Hong Kong Lawmaker Prepared to Make Sacrifice 0:52

A leading Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker said Thursday he was prepared to take a bullet if demonstrations turn violent. Albert Ho, a 65-year-old activist and former chairman of Hong Kong's Democratic Party, said he was willing to make a "sacrifice" on behalf of young people "because the future belongs to them."

"Without a fight there is no hope," he said. "If there is any bullet to be shot I would be on the front line. I hope I would be hit by the first bullet instead of young people because they ... have to bear the burden of the future. I am 65. They are the major stakeholders." He said that he did not support violence in the cause of democracy, and backed Thursday's blockade of government buildings "as long as it does not cause physical clashes."

"We want the true democracy ... in 2017 that was promised to us in 2007. If Beijing was to break its promise ... what else can we trust? There is no longer any basis for trust. Hong Kong will be ungovernable without true democracy."


— Ed Flanagan and Alastair Jamieson