Hot Cars and Kids

PayPal Refunds Donations to Family of Georgia Boy Killed in Hot Car

PayPal plans to refund each donor who gave money to the family of a 22-month-old Georgia boy who died when his father left him in a hot car, a company spokeswoman told NBC News on Friday. The online fundraiser on was deactivated after Justin Ross Harris, 33, was charged with murder for leaving his son in a sweltering car for seven hours last month. But those sympathizing with the family had already donated more than $22,000. uses multiple payment platforms during their campaigns, and PayPal will reimburse all donors who used their service, said Adriana Higuera, a spokeswoman for the company. Contributors who paid through another method can also request a refund, Michael Blasco, a spokesman for told NBC News. is aware of "the sensitive matter involving the Harris family" but does not take sides in legal matters, Blasco said in a statement. Harris' attorney argues that his client accidentally forgot to drop his son off at preschool, while prosecutors allege the father intentionally left the toddler to die because he sought a child-free life.

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— Gabe Gutierrez and Elisha Fieldstadt