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Does Keeping Undocumented Children in U.S. Put More Kids in Danger?

Many on opposite sides of the aisle in Congress don't agree on whether undocumented children should be kept in the U.S. or be sent back.

Those on disparate sides of the aisle in Congress can't seem to agree on a solution to stopping the deluge of undocumented immigrants — especially children — crossing into the U.S. or how to discourage more from coming over. "If you want to stop this, you need to start sending these kids back," said Mike Rogers, R-MI, on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday. Rogers said allowing the children to stay encourages more children to make the journey, which puts them in danger because of the risks they face during the arduous trip. "We're losing kids along the way," Rogers said.

Also on "Meet the Press" Joaquin Castro, D-TX, argued that many of the children face a greater danger in Central America and should be presented with the chance to make the case for asylum. "These folks need to be given the case to go to court and argue their case," Castro said. Deporting the children who are escaping the violent conditions in their countries like Honduras and El Salvador is not "the humane thing to do," Castro said.

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— Elisha Fieldstadt