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Map: How Trump's border force compares to U.S. troop deployments worldwide

The president’s border force will equal the U.S. troop presence in Iraq and Syria combined.
Image: United States Continues Role in Afghanistan as Troop Numbers Increase
Approximately 14,000 troops are stationed in Afghanistan, according to the Defense Department.Andrew Renneisen / Getty Images file

President Donald Trump followed through on his long-standing threat to use the U.S. military to slow illegal border crossings this week when the Pentagon announced plans to send troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

The deployment, dubbed "Operation Faithful Patriot,” will send 5,200 additional troops to the border by Nov. 2. These troops join the 2,000 already stationed there.

Once stationed, the 7,200 troops at the border will equal the number in Iraq and Syria combined.

Here's how the operation compares to other U.S. military deployments around the world:

U.S. military presence around the world

Select U.S. military deployments, according to the latest data
Location Service members
Japan 58,886
Germany 44,857
South Korea 28,598
Italy 14,690
Afghanistan 14,000*
United Kingdom 10,121
U.S. - Mexico border 7,200*
Iraq 5,200*
Bahrain 4,836
Syria 2,000*


* — Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria totals are approximate and as of Oct. 31. All others as of June 30.