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Most Americans want to accelerate handling of the influx of children at the border. A Pew Research Center survey found over half (53 percent) favor expediting the legal process, even if it means deporting those may end up qualifying for refugee status. Fewer Americans (39 percent) favor upholding the current policy, despite the possibility of a lengthy stay and legal procedure. More Republicans want to speed up the process (60 percent), followed by Independents (56 percent) and Democrats (46 percent). The poll was conducted between July 8-14 with 1,805 respondents.

Eighty nine percent of those polled said they are aware of the border crisis.

The poll also found a decline in the number of Americans who support allowing immigrants in the country ilegally who fit certain requirements to be allowed to stay. The recent poll found 68 percent agreed — a 5 percent decline since February.


— Natalie Daher