Iraq Turmoil

British Police Look Into Pro-ISIS Leaflets Handed Out on London Streets

LONDON - British police are looking into pro-ISIS leaflets reportedly distributed in central London which encourage Muslims to pledge allegiance to the Islamic militants rampaging through Iraq and Syria. Posts on social media show handouts reportedly distributed on London's busy Oxford Street by supporters of Islamic extremists which proclaimed "Khalifah Established" and "Dawn of a New Era" - an apparent reference to the declaration of an Islamic caliphate by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

The leaflets - which could not be independently verified or obtained by NBC News - encourage Muslims to educate others and, if possible, migrate to the newly-proclaimed Islamic state. Amid outrage on social media over the post, Scotland Yard said it was looking into the matter. "We are aware of the leaflets being distributed and are assessing the content of the leaflets to establish whether any criminal offenses have been committed," a spokeswoman told NBC News. Western governments are extremely concerned over the flow of foreign fighters taking up arms in Syria and Iraq.



- Christina Boyle